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Scientific Proofs of Claims (Essay Sample)


title: effects of global warming sources: 2-3 pages: 2- 3 paper format: chicago critical writing


Global Warming: Scientific Proofs of Claims
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 The amazing attribute of science is that it is data reliant and systematic. Any scientific claim requires significant proofs in the name of material or provable data evidence in order to ascertain the validity of particular supposition. Another side of science that makes it even a more interesting matter is because that it is open to scrutiny and observations from different angles. As a result, many scientists and researchers often come up with very interesting and different point of views as they try to substantiate a causal relationship between their findings and the scientific phenomenon in question. Global warming has been a critical subject in the world. It refers to a gradual rise of the earth’s average temperature caused by the greenhouse gases. Many studies have proved that there exists global heating, which has been brought about by the exhaustion of the ozone coating by the greenhouse fumes like carbon dioxide. However, recent research discredits the existence of global warming. The one billion dollar questions, therefore, are there scientific proofs that suffice their claims.
Science often requires specific and the general conclusion. That is to say that at the beginning scientists often differ on their points of view, but they stop arguing when there is compelling evidence that a certain scientific angle is the correct one. Global warming has been the subject of both scientific and political debates. In fact, the issue if continuing to inject confusions with the current claims that global warming stopped 16 years ago and that the planet is headed towards a cooling era. On the other hand, scientists have failed to come to balance that there is global warming caused by greenhouse gases such carbon dioxide. The University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit sought to find out if there is global warming in the contemporary. Their study involved data retrieved from 30, 000 stations that revealed that global warming had stopped by 1997.
The report by the East Anglia University Research Unit and Met Office reports that the planet is about to experience cycle 25, which is new solar cycle. According to the findings of the NASA scientists, Cycle 25 will be cooler than the current cycle 24. One of the major concerns is that there are so many documentaries, with the backing of many scientists close to 30, 000 that supports the idea that manufactured global warming is inexistent and that there is no way carbon dioxide can be responsible for increasing the average surface temperature of the planet. For example, 31, 000 scientists have signed a petition start from 1998, which refutes the existence of fabricated global warming. They have consistently refuted any possible consensus that fabricated global warming is responsible for increased temperatures. In addition, the IPCC is only backed by 2,500 scientists in its support for the existence of global warming.
Global Warming Swindle has not been given adequate limelight; there is a sharp contrast between the belief that Carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming and the real scientific facts on the ground. For instance, it is mentined that an increase in Carbon dioxide gas leads to increased levels of global warming. The documentary solidly proves that the vice versa is the case, in which during warm temperatures the levels of carbon dioxide increases. This is because, the Ocean absorbs the gas during cooler periods while releases it during warm temperatures. Therefore, there is no way increase of CO2 can lead to increase in temperature. The credibility of the documentary can be ascertained because it received the backings of thousands of scientists, writers and academic researchers.
There are scientific evidences drawn from the study of different ages ranging from AD 950. These evidences produce a form oscillation-like periods of interchanging warm and cold periods. For example, the medieval period of between 950 AD and 1250 AD produce a historically warm temperature. This time was succeeded by The Little Ice Age, which also experienced different types of sunspots, with Wolf Minimum start from 1280 up to 1350, lasting approximately 70 years. Low temperatures, but which further deteriorated during the Sporer Minimum that lasted for 90 years, between 1460 and 1550, characterized this sunspot. Within the years 1645 and 1715, Little Ice Age hit the lowest temperature point, with sunspots reducing to zero. This time has been referred to as Maunder Minimum, which was also succeeded by the Dalton Minimum between 1790 and 1830. All these minimums were characterized with gradually declining sunspots, indicating very low global temperature.
The final stage of the minute Ice Age was marked by the 19th Century global temperature increase. Scientist attributes the warm temperatures to the AMO and PDO that describes the cycling of bottom older waters coming up the surface. The bottom waters are warm and as they come up, they contribute to incre...
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