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Police Brutality in America Analysis Essay (Essay Sample)




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Police Brutality in America
Police brutality happens when police officers use excessive and unwarranted illegal force against civilians. Brutality ranges from battery to assault and also extends to torture, mayhem, and murder. Police brutality could also involve intimidation, harassment (false arrest), verbal abuse, and other types of mistreatment. Americans of all races, genders, ages, ethnicities have been subjects of police brutality. For example, in the early 19th century, the poor and working-class white Americans showed their frustrations towards discriminatory practices and laws in northern parts of the country. The Jewish and other immigrants from Europe expressed their fears and discrimination by police in their communities. Also, many police departments had to use extralegal tactics to fight Italian immigrants to discourage organized crimes. Complaints of harassment of persons of various sexual orientations were voicing police brutality and racial profiling. However, the majority of historically oppressed people are African Americans. There have been many reports of anti-black operations in the various police departments, and also related prejudice plays a significant role in the oppression of marginalized groups. Most of these officers are from white police departments.[Angus, Jeanelle, and Vaughn Crichlow. "A race and power perspective on police brutality in America." FAU Undergraduate Research Journal 7 (2018): 8-8.]
In addition, African Americans can attest that they experience racism directed towards them by police compared to any other race. The rogue officers are accepted into their departments because of systemic acceptance, success, and promotion. Their actions are seen as values, attitudes, and practices that have been infused into their system. Most urban police departments show group loyalty and solidarity with this culture. African Americans have experienced police brutality both in the past, and the issue is still persistent today. Racial and economic disparities are the main reasons why such actions still progress.
Diversity is defined as a wide range of interests, experiences, and backgrounds. Groups of people and individuals are diverse in their race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, geographical area, sexual orientation, and language. Diversity can be measured across many variables. People can have different skills, hobbies, and career interests. They can also have different political views. Diversity also includes being open to differences in perspectives, people, and cultures. Diversity should embrace the multitude of different cultures and backgrounds in one environment towards the same goals. Diversity explores a comprehensive integration and immersion of various people, cultures, and experiences. The variation in people's backgrounds can bring intellectual interest and aptitude.
Police brutality has been a cause of civil riots to oppose racial dissemination. The worst civil riots were witnessed since 1960. The riots came about from the murder of unarmed black men, the fatal shooting of teenagers, and the use of excessive force and assault. These riots have caused loss of lives, arrests, and damage to property of colossal value. For example, in the Los Angeles Riots of 1992, around fifty people were killed in six days. More than 3200 people were injured, while the value of destruction of property is estimated at $ 1 billion. Most of these protests also come from the failure of the judicial system to indict rogue police officers for their actions. There is also a huge diversity in how the judicial system treats convicted felons. White persons undergoing judicial treatment get preferential treatment and are more likely to get shorter sentences than their black counterparts.[Lumsden, Eleanor. "How much is police brutality costing America." U. Haw. L. Rev. 40 (2017): 141.]
The Civil Rights Act in America was signed into law in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson. The law prohibits discrimination in public places, illegality in employment discrimination, and integrating public schools and facilities. Later, laws that discriminated against certain populations from voting and literacy tests were abolished. Although discrimination and racism that springs from years of slavery are being outlawed on a significant level, it should not take this long to value human life.[Lumsden, Eleanor. "How much is police brutality costing America." U. Haw. L. Rev. 40 (2017): 141.]
“A wreath for Emmett Till” is a poem By Marilyn Nelson. “Emmett Till’s name still catches my throat” is a poem of sorrow, grief, and hope, and as it tries to teach young people about Till's death. The poem explains a 14-year-old Till who was visiting relatives in a small town in Mississippi. The year was 1955. He was accused of giving a white woman a wolf whistle. Her half-brother and husband pulled Till from his house and took him to the banks of Tallahatchie River, where they fatally shot him. An all-white jury acquitted the two murderers despite the eyewitness testimony. An outrage over Till’s death helped build the civil rights movement. The poem invokes a chill effect to this day on the American psyche.[Black, Jason Edward. "Here is a strange and bitter crop: Emmett Till and the rhetorical complications of treescape memory." Argumentation and Advocacy 55, no. 1 (2019): 24-41.]
The poem explains that even though the child was taught to be careful around white people, he was ill-fated to die in the hands of racist men “Some white folks have blind souls.” The lawsuit's discrimination was evident and biased from the beginning, where the jury selected was all white. To this day, the death of Till still resonates with the memories of African Americans.
“Blink your eyes” is a poem by Seko

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