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How Much Do Recent Developments In Sociological Theory Owe To The Insights Of Marx, Weber And Durkheim (Essay Sample)


Task :examine HOW MUCH DO RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY OWE TO THE INSIGHTS OF MARX, WEBER AND DURKHEIM. this sample is about how the understanding of these sociological theorists gave rise to current developments in sociological theory.


Marx, Weber and Durkheim have played a major role in developing sociology and this is clearly seen in their works. Their sociological theories greatly contributed to our understanding of sociology as well as apply to our day to day life. This paper investigates how much do recent developments in sociological theory owe to the insights of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. It explains how the understanding of these sociological theorists gave rise to current developments in sociological theory.
Weber states that the spirit of private enterprises emerged due to Calvinistic beliefs. The view was that people have callings to work on as God preferred. Another idea of Calvinism included a belief that only the chosen few will go to heaven after death and that despite ones action in this world, God acts as the determinant of whether one goes to heaven or not. Wealth developed due to working on one’s purpose acted as an indication that one was chosen and members of the society upholding this notion became rich. They focused on accumulating wealth since they also believed that splendid lifestyle was bad and before they knew it they had given rise to a different society. The nature of one denying himself luxury so as to succeed has become part our lives recently in our societies and has led to success.[1. Anthony Giddens, Sociology (Cambridge: Polity, 2006), 104.] [2. Giddens, Sociology, 104.] [3. Ibid, 104.]
Weber also argued that the economic activities definition must be adjusted in such a way that it comprises how recent organizations operate to make profit thus not focusing on consumable goods and how to satisfy them. Currently, models of religion have impacted recent social and economic expansion and in sociology Weber’s theory satisfies some of the requirements that are useful in theoretical thoughts.[4. Max Weber, Guenther Roth, and Claus Wittich, Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978), 64.] [5. Anthony Giddens, Sociology (Cambridge: Polity, 2006), 104.]
Durkheim explains that social organization restricts our abilities thus limiting our actions and also gives an example of how the usage of a monetary card to settle incurred debt does not rely on how they are used and also that organizations do exist independent of individuals yet they restrain their actions.[6. Giddens, Sociology, 107.]
Durkheim views the society as organs that rely on one another and gives an example of the body of individual on which each organ depend on each other so as to function effectively failure to which death will occur, also he suggest that political, religion, family and education should work hand in hand to prevent society from falling apart. Society prolongation relies on association which brings about accord over important and lasting beliefs shared by associate on what is desired or not and what is good or bad.[7. Ibid, 109.] [8. Ibid, 109.]
Marx states that there is split up of groups and lack of equity in distribution of...
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