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Egyptian art (Essay Sample)

What do you like about and what do you think we have in common with the Egyptians when it comes to interiors of today source..
What do you like about and what do you think we have in common with the Egyptians when it comes to interiors of today Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation Department Date The interiors of today and those of ancient Egyptians have something in common. The greater influence in modern interiors derives from ancient Egyptian artwork and adopts identical shapes or somehow differentiated use of mediums. All in all, the traces of shared ideas are prevalent in modern interiors that are found in homes, offices, and other buildings of today. The shared values are a stand out factor as the Egyptian interior artwork is widely acclaimed for its uniqueness and appealing nature (Ranlett 2006, p. 37). Additionally, there are some meanings applied to the interiors. This makes them suitable for use in differentiated areas. There are traces of use of ancient designs that were created on papyrus in ancient Egypt. This form of designs that employed similar design structure can be found in a good number of modern offices, state buildings and offices. They are placed on walls. Additionally, it is popular to find sculptures of pyramids and marble obelisk in modern homes and offices. Due to showing of paintings of Egyptian paintings in museums, modern designers have adopted the concept of utilizing such paintings to create materials or beautify walls of buildings. Modern materials have geometrical shapes that were also common in interiors of Egyptians. The modern interiors also employ the use lines, shapes and eleme...
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