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Antibiotics Use in Livestock Farming and Contribution to AMR Risks in Humans (Essay Sample)


The samples is a final assignment for an AMR course (Veterinary Medicine). The focus was on answering the question: What is the evidence that the use of antibiotics in livestock farming increases the risk of AMR in people?’
The assignment instructor includes
Introduction: Brief background and narrowing down the question to a specific pathogen/type of
intervention/sector/production system.
Main section: Arguments for and against and potential reasons for differences in the studies.
Conclusion: evidence behind my stand on the critical appraisal.


Student's Name
Antimicrobial Resistance from Livestock Farming
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) entails the inability of interventions and medicines introduced to fight fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites to register significant success. The infections are either hard to contain, thus increasing the risks of contagion, severe infection, or demise. More often, the prevalence of antibiotics exposes animals, livestock, and people to antibiotic resistance (Boeckel et al., 2015). The focus is on the fact that as veterinary officers introduce antibiotics to fight bacteria, survival rates and subsequent multiplication are common (Reygaert, 2018; Van et al., 2020; Ma et al., 2021). As they introduce more antibiotics, the animal's body adjusts and increases resistance to them. This threatens livestock and attracts interventions from sectors such as agriculture that can introduce vaccines and other alternatives, embrace sustainable systems characterized by enhanced hygiene, among other factors, and introduce international standards that guide the use of antibiotics as outlined by reputable organisations such as Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), WHO, and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). In this regard, the question, "what is the evidence that the use of antibiotics in livestock farming increases the risk of AMR in people?" rises, and the aforementioned intervention from the agriculture sector is prioritized to overcome the threat.
Antibiotics Use in Livestock Farming and Contribution to AMR risks in Humans
Antibiotic resistance is a public health crisis resulting from the overuse and misuses of antibiotics (Landers et al., 2012; Redding et al., 2020). The authors focus on the prevalence of antibiotics in agricultural settings, including farm animals. Their study is based on literature that identifies the role of antibiotics and the subsequent resistance, which arguably threatens human health. Livestock in contemporary society share commensal pathogens and flora that attract infectious agents' dissemination (Caudell et al., 2020). For this reason, they require significant interventions such as antibiotic therapy, among other aggressive infection management techniques. The agricultural sector relies on antibiotics to address clinical diseases and facilitate the growth of animals (Redding et al., 2020; Caudell et al., 2020). The US, for example, has farmers 

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