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Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Discussing what is meant by the term “customer orientation” for an organisation in the context of the marketing mix.


Marketing Essay
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Marketing Essay
Marketing is a science of targeting the markets for the products through market segmentation and analysis, understanding the buying behaviors of the consumer in order to provide the superior value of customers. Marketing has been changing on every day due to the rapid globalization, competition intensity, changing profiles of consumers, and change of information technology (Kotler & Keller, 2006). The survival of the company in the economic market is by producing the goods and services that people demand and can afford to buy. The consideration of the customer needs and satisfaction is known as customer orientation. However, this marketing essay is focused on discussing the customer orientation of a given organization in marketing mix context. The write-up also discusses two marketing mix elements by illustrating it with products and brand examples.
In the current world, the marketing concepts focused on the customers are the major marketing approach that strategically helps an organization to achieve the goals of selling. The concepts’ essence is more importantly to know the customers, as the company achieves to satisfy the expectations of their stakeholder. This is also accompanied by their profit maximization motives. Such stakeholders include customers, suppliers, government, managers, and employees.
Moreover, the focus of the organization is to achieve effectively the environmental advantages by being flexible on the changing environmental factors, in order to have strong marketing functions. According to Kerin (2012, p.31), the combination of marketing activities helps the organization to neutralize most of the environmental influences that negatively affects the company. In this case, it is important for a business enterprise to be updated on the trending market changes in order to achieve their modern orientation techniques.
In order to gain a competitive advantage, the customer orientation of a company must be changed and the quality of products is increased (Filipovic & Kostic, 2000). This forms a point of reference from where the company realizes the set goals and profits at large. Among the changes of customer orientation organization is team approach, which ensures that the company identifies the important chances and opportunities. Most importantly, it ensures that the organization founds adequate team to implement their objectives. The team approach also helps the company to improve quality of the products and services and realizing every activity towards solving an environmental and societal problem. The marketing managers lead such teams, where they oversee the implementation of basic conditions set to encounter the changing market in order to ensure the needs of the customers are fulfilled.
The orientation includes having well-defined objectives, long-term dedications to customers, and the inclusion of employees’ participation in creating the market values. The demands of the customer are identified through customer driven approaches, product innovation approaches, and identification of market change. In consumer-based approach, all the strategic decisions of marketing are driven by consumers. In this method, all the strategies adopted by the organization must have passed the consumer research tests. The potential customers provide the nature and aspect of every product and they are the starting point of a new brand in the market (Lazich, 2010). In this approach, the company achieves their marketing objectives, as well as profit maximization because the products introduced in the market are readily acceptable by the consumer themselves. The advantage of this approach to the company is that they do not spend costs in developing and researching on the products that consumers are unwilling to buy. The companies following this kind of strategic approach avoid the commercial failures, even if it is technologically poor.
The customer focused marketing method use a formal approach called SINA, that basically provide the renamed four Ps system in order to provide the focus of a customer. The four Ps in the model include the product, promotion, placement, and price. The occurrence of a single P in the model contributes failure in a given organization (Chekitan & Schultz, 2005). This is because the competing companies to such organization easily identify its weakness, making it to be advantageous strength to gain the consumers’ nod. The business with such problem experiences the decrease of demand by the consumers on its products.
The identification of market change is another approach where the organization updates their strategies concurrently (Solis, 2011). As a matter of fact, this is performed in order to meet the changing market demands or environmental change that results from the technological advancements in consumer perspectives, improvement of selling mechanisms, change of product costs, and the customers’ taste of the product. It is worth noting that such changes must be promptly identified and well understandable to the company in order to ensure that every activity functions in the right way possible. However, the company needs urgent decisions to meet the new consumer demands and retain the existing potential customers
The identification of market changes and use of customer driven model helps an organization to introduce new products in the market that aims at fulfilling the market niche. This is through the innovation of new product and services, or branding of existing products that contain all qualities that are objected to fulfill the market demands. The introduction of the new products in the market must also consider all the four elements of the marketing mix.
The company introducing the new product must successfully mix all the elements in the four Ps (Filipovic & Kostic, 2000). This includes having the right product as demanded by the consumers, selling the products at the right prices, especially the price that can be afforded by the target customers. The product must be sold at the right place, especially the areas where it is highly demanded. In addition, the company must use the most suitable promotional approach in creating awareness of the product to the consumers. This includes informing the customers on the usage procedures of the product, and its benefits towards its consumption or usage.
Choosing the right product in the market includes having the right characteristic features in order to meet the demands of the customer. For example, the introduction of smart phones in the global market must have the required features, physical look must also be good, and should be well functioning. According to the Bosshart (2006), the changing technological and environmental friendliness of the Smart phones have resulted Apple and Samsung to keep innovating new brands such as iPhones and Galaxies in order to meet the growing demands of the products. All the consumer needs are the right features including software and hardware properties, good functioning such as speed, and comfort that satisfies the users (Solis, 2011). However, failure by Nokia to introduce Smart phones in the market has pushed it back from its leadership in mobile phones manufacturing market.
Moreover, the companies must also consider their prices marketing their brands in order to be stronger against their competitors. For example, Cheesecake Factory Restaurant lost their competitive strength in the competitive market due to the price of the brands. The company lost its market share because of the high costs of their products, which are more than 25 percent higher than the prices of their competitors’ products. Its competitors include McDonalds that dominates the A...
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