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Reality Sucks (Essay Sample)


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Reality Sucks
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Reality Sucks
The success of a brand essentially depends on how effectively the company engages its customers. Brand communities are particularly valuable in tackling the ever-growing competition. The enable companies collaborate with customers on value creation and provide a platform to engage with customers and build customer loyalty towards the brand (Daye 2008).
Target audience
The target audience for the Reality sucks brand campaign is between the ages of 20 and 35 years. This group is most active on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and easily identifies with the Reality Sucks brand 26. By purchasing a link on Facebook, Utopolis will be able to sponsor the group, which will be known as reality sucks 26. Utopolis will carry out an advert on all three websites rewarding the one-millionth person on each page, Facebook, Youtube and twitter. This will first promote the brand to those who view the page directly but even of their friend and followers.
Reality sucks will provide customers and members with a platform of sharing information, which is related to reality issues. In addition, this platform will provide an effective platform for knowledge exchange and social networking.
Create new ideas
Knowledge exchange on this site will provide an effective platform where customers will exchange ideas. As such, the site will act as one of the effective means of new ideas creation.
Tone of Voice
Reality sucks will use a tone, which members are able to appreciate at all times. As such, customers and members will have an opportunity to interact freely in an effective tone of communication.
Reality sucks expects to experience tremendous competition from social networking sites, which are already established.
Engaging the customers
There will be competitions from time to time that will include other brands of Utopolis. This will ensure that the customers keep themselves updated on earlier brands. Those following the brand page on Twitter and Facebook can give suggestions on what they like about the brand and future changes they would like to see. The page will also be share enabled to allow those viewing it directly to share it on their accounts.
Objectives and evaluation.
The brand campaign’s objective is...
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