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Asian Students and Colleges (Essay Sample)

An analysis of the motivating factors among Asian students, the structure of their colleges and universities as well as the role played by the institutions to the overall performance of the students. source..
ASIAN STUDENTS AND COLLEGES By (Student’s Name): Course Title: Name of the Professor: Name of the Institution: City and State: The date: Asian Students and Colleges Asia has produced some of the most renowned professionals in the modern world such as engineers, scientists, doctors and even economists. The content is home to over 60 percent of the world population and that could shed some light into its success in delivering some of the most successful career people in the present time. Asian students have exhibited unique characteristics in their dedication to education and career life and that is the primary point of discussion in this paper (McKinney and Hagedorn, 2017). The colleges and universities in Asian also give a major pointer to the increasing success of the continent’s population, especially in matters related to academic and career development. Asian students and college structure have a significant impact on the current state of professional success and a proper understanding of the salient characteristics would go a long way in explaining the phenomenon. Privilege and Strengths of Asian Students Asian students are motivated by the need to survive in a continent that holds over half of the world’s population. With so many people scrambling for the same limited opportunities and resources, students in Asia have been cultured to work very hard in school and produce the best they can. The predicament has become one of the strengths of the Asian student population and it keeps them dedicated in the quest for the highest grades (Ma and Baum, 2016). Parents and teachers constantly remind the students that they do not have any option in life but read hard to achieve high levels of competitiveness in the professional environment. The strong understanding that learning can transform the life of an individual drives students to take education seriously discarding any distractions. The Asian students also perceive career development as a journey that would earn them their desired pride and respect in the society. The culture of respect for achievers and academic geniuses motivates the students into technical fields such as engineering, medicine and scientific research. The desire for national and international recognition also plays a significant role in the immense dedication to outdo each other in academic work (McKinney and Hagedorn, 2017). The structure of educational institutions such as colleges and universities is such that academic achievers get tremendous recognition and financial benefits. That also motivates the learners to engage fully in education leaving nothing to laziness and laxity in academic work. The recent trend in innovations and cutting edge technologies originating from Asian countries such as China and Korea is also a huge motivation that drives students into an obsession to be part of such outstanding work. Students in colleges and universities dedicate sleepless nights in research and innovative project that help them to find a niche in the highly competitive professional arena (McKinney and Hagedorn, 2017). Career goals and ambitions in Asian are all geared towards producing products and services that will solve numerous problems globally. That spearheads academic and career dedication among the Asian student population. Over the years, Asian students have indicated their superior abilities in, virtually, all academic fields and that is a product of the prevailing demographic and educational structures in the Asian countries. Challenges and Weaknesses of the Asian Student Population Some of the weaknesses among Asian students is integrating their innovative abilities with others from across the world. The Asian student population finds it difficult to blend in with learners and experts from other countries to acquire more skills and produce better ideas (Corker et al. 2017). The biggest challenge is the language barrier as most of the students cannot speak international languages such as English. The inability to establish effective communication with other students and professionals outside Asia has been a great hindrance to the performance of Asian students. The language barrier prevents effective academic exchange programs as well as easy access to international opportunities. The obsession with academic performance also hinders most of the Asian students from engaging in productive social events and activities across the world. That constrains their ability to live all-round lives by enjoying lifestyles that do not necessary emphasize academic perfection. Research expeditions into the happiness levels of Asian student populations indicate that depression rates are on the rise and over 29% of the student population is depressed (Ma and Baum, 2016). It is important to note that concerted efforts have been put by the education authorities to integrate more recreational activities into the education systems to ensure a balanced way of life for the Asian students. Asian College and their Impact on Student Success The college and universities in Asia are among the most equipped and effective institutions of learning in the world today. A great number of the academic institutions have acquired cutting-edge equipment and instructional techniques to foster skill development and produce fully-baked professionals in the various fields (Hew, Huang, Chu and Chiu, 2016). The notion of limited resources and opportunities occasioned by a huge population inspires the higher learning institutions to set students into a path of innovations to solve the problems in the society. The instructional curricula also emphasize on perfection and high academic productivity as the key attributes for sustainable living. The admin...
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