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What is the Role of Language Play in Literature? (Essay Sample)


This task is related with the subject area Literature and Language and the sample is also based on this field.

What is the role of language play in literature?
Language plays, a crucial role in giving a written or spoken piece its ideal meaning as well as defining its effectiveness in conveying the message to the target audience. It also defines the use of various forms of literacy stylistic devices in communication as part the basic mechanics of literature. Resultantly, for there to be effective communication between the performer, author or actor with his/her audience, language should be appropriately used.
Artists, dramatists and writers, both exemplary and contemporary, use dialect play to invoke the perusers' creative energy without longwinded portrayals or long clarifications. As such, a dialect play bears scholars the chance to say more with fewer words by the use of symbolism and parabolic language (Cook1996, p.198. For there to be effective communication between the involved parties, the message coined in the symbolic language should effectively be decoded by the audience appropriately while creatively decoding the imagery presented in the figurative language (Jeffries 1996, p.163).
Though distinct from the ordinary dialect, artistic dialect attracts thoughtfulness regarding some property of the dialect itself, and highlights or forefronts it. As a result, the foregrounding astounds the purser into crisp recognition and energy about the topic (Jeffries 1996). Thus, the correct dialect should be selected for the most appropriate audience.
Through the window, he thought about the ocean developed tired in the boredom of four o’clock and acknowledged with an overwhelming heart the swallows had returned (Marquez, 1995, p.20). In this section, Marquez utilizes dialect to stir the story into different directions. First, he utilizes the audience's suppositions of what certain words ought to mean and which different words they ought to be gathered with, these suspicions are alluded to as patterns and edges (Graddol et. al. 1994, p.216).
Moreover, Marquezintentionally usescollocation (Cook1996, p.198), which is connected to the thought of outlines and casings. From the irregularcollection of words, the authorallows the audience to interpret the intended meaning of the colloquial. In the "ocean become sluggish" Marquez utilizes the thought that most perusers would see the oc...
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