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What is Federalism? (Essay Sample)


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What is Federalism?
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What is Federalism?
Federalism may be defined as the method of governing whereby two or more entities rule a nation. This means that federal government rules the nation then this government then involves local or state administration. Rules are made at all levels and any citizen of that particular country must adhere to them. This The following essay is in pursuit of examining examines how federalism has evolved from its origin in America to how it has been exercised up to date. It also focuses on the factors that have made federalism shape American political system. Finally, it focuses on as well as how the relationship between the US federal government and its states influences the creation of American policies.
Examples of Federal Evolution
Firstly, before federalism was implemented in America, each state had its set of rules, that governed them uniquely from the rest. Each state had its leaders, laws and regulations that were totally different from other statesthe rest. However, the system changed over time. A new constitution was put in place in the US, which allowed the change to federalism;. hHowever, the new constitution did not allowprohibited the abolition of state governments. One area that has changed is the printing of money. In the past, these each states had their its monetary system. People of a particular state would not conduct business quickly unless currency exchange was involved. However, after the implementation of federalism, the money currency in the whole of America became one single regardless of their its states. The monetary exchange became easy because the citizens shared a common currency (Robertson, 2012). Secondly,; the issues of handling international matters were different. Each state would enter into treaties with other countries as a separate unit. The rules outlined in such treaties only applied to the particular state. Federalism, on the other hand, made it possible for the entire America to be involved in international affairs as a nation. Thirdly, conducting the elections was uniquely done procedure in each state. The states had different election dates, various methods of election and had their leaders. Nonetheless, this situation changed significantly because now the nation is one. States elect the same leaders in the higher levels and then choose their leaders chiefs under local and state governments (Zimmerman, 2009).
Factors that have Shaped American Political Behavior
The implementation of the American Constitution played a vital role in enhancing respect and democracy among American leaders and its citizens. The constitution is a forum that made people realize their rights. Currently, any citizen who is unfairly treated unfairly can complain through the proper channels for protection. Furthermore, thanks to federalism, exploitation of citizens by politicians has become a thing of the past through federalism. Moreover, people can easily air express their national concerns while political leaders can define their political ideologies in a disciplined manner. Thus, there are some factors that have allowed the concept of federalism to shape American political behavior.
The fFirst one is the establishment of an executive branch, which. This branch has the obligation of enforcing laws that have been made by the central government. Functions like budget approval and making new policies are carried out in this department.; making of new policies too occur here. For instance, before America became a federal state, some states allowed drinking of alcohol at the age of 21years while others allowed it at 18years. However, when the US became one nation, leaders from all states had to discuss and agree on the most suitable rule. For this matter, the new constitution that contains federalism has changed American political behavior because those in this branch are more accountable to the nation’s affairs than before.
Secondly, it is the existence of the tenth amendment that enhances the relationship between the local or central government and the state governmentsones. This amendment mandates the state governments to come up with their laws. However, the federal government has the final say word and outlines most of the laws to be followed.
Thirdly, it is the ability to make constitutional changes as a federal state. Since the American CCconstitution was passed, it has undergone several changes in some sectors. The constitution,It through the federal system, can be adjusted through the federal system, depending on the prevailing condition. If, for instance, the law exempts politicians from paying taxes, then federalism allows adjustment to ensure equality. Such changes help in regulating the behavior of political leaders rendering them responsiblye.
Factors Sshowing Rrelationship between US Sstates and Federal Government
One factor that depicts the relationship between federal and state governments is in the distribution and allocation of funds. This process follows a particular formula that is usually outlined by the national government. Funds are allocated to various states depending on their needs and their the number of programs. Some states may require more funds on infrastruc...
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