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Key Health Impacts Associated With Eating Contaminated Food And Discuss A Strategy That Could Be Used To Control Or Prevent These Impacts (Essay Sample)


describe the key health impacts associated with eating contaminat ed food and discuss a strategy that could be used to control or prevent these impacts.


Food contamination effects and control
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Food contamination has become a very common problem associated with feeding habits of individuals. It can occur as a result of several reasons such as inadequate methods of handling food as well as poor hygiene. Improper cooking of diet and presence of bacteria in food, materials are also other primary sources of the contamination (Ercsey-Ravasz et al. 2012, p.378). However, the susceptibility of various foods to contamination varies with some being more and others less susceptible to contamination. There are, however, different symptoms that suggest food contamination such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and stomach disorders after consumption of a given product. These symptoms may manifest themselves few minutes after consumption of that particular food while others appear days after the use. The severity of these conditions sometimes may call for hospitalization. Other instances are even life threatening to the affected parties and calls for advanced medical treatment to deal with them (Argudín et al. 2010, p.1757).
Key health impacts associated with eating contaminated food
Numerous heath consequences are linked to eating the contaminated food. First of all, food contamination may lead to foodborne infections which occur after consuming food materials that are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. The symptoms of this effect of food contamination may take some longer time to manifest it on the individual. However, once the symptoms come out it comes with very severe health implications. These effects tend to be more severe mostly to little children as well as other individuals with very compromised immune systems (Argudín et al. 2010, p.1771). Therefore, the impact is usually a health threatening one and seeks attention from medical experts. Foodborne infections may sometimes call for specialized care depending on the severity of the condition but can be controlled if noticed early enough.
Another health effect resulting from food contamination is the traditional mercury poisoning. It takes quite a longer process for given food to be contaminated with mercury elements. The most common mercury-contaminated food is the fish product (Argudín et al. 2010, p.1767). The release of mercury items from the industries located near water bodies results to them landing on them. Since most of the bodies have fish in them, the final result is the mercury landing in these fish. Therefore, these fish get contaminated with mercury with the large ones holding the most substantial amounts of these elements.
Consumption of such contaminated fish results in the mercury poisoning to the consumers. However, mercury has very worse implications in the human beings and may lead in various conditions. For instance, it may damage the entire nervous system, adversely affect fertility and may lead to increased chances of heart diseases which may be fatal. Therefore, once it occurs, it is accompanied by proper medication to prevent the life-threatening aspect it carries. Young children are the most victims as well as the expectant mothers and should heed attention to control the amount of fish consumed. Also, the industry should control the rate at which they dispose wastes in the environment to reduce the volume of the mercury landing in fish ponds and other water bodies (Argudín et al. 2010, p.1759).
Thirdly, sometimes allergic reactions are part of the impacts of the food contamination on the human health. Food may become contaminated if it comes into contact with some allergens especially during the processing. This allergen may be found from various sources such as the ingredients used in the manufacturing of given food products. Manufacturers’ negligence will always lead to them allowing the product they deal with getting in contact with the contaminated ingredients or even harmful ones. Also, lack of proper cleaning of various facilities in the manufacturing industry will make the entire output be contaminated with the allergens found in the equipment. When food is contaminated with allergens, it will pose significant health risks to people who are allergic and may result. For instance, they may suffer fro such conditions as headaches, stomachaches, skin rashes and stomach cramps among others.
Food intoxication is another health hazard on human beings as a result of consuming contaminated food. It is usually caused by a bacterial toxin and may lead to various food poisoning conditions manifesting on his health.  For instance, this condition is often accompanied by such effects as vomiting, headaches; nausea, fever as well as diarrhea making the individual suffer. Without quick medical attention, food intoxication is such a health threatening condition which may lead to paralysis and death is also possible. Therefore, people should be cautious with the food they are consuming to avoid placing their lives at risk. The types of the ingredients making various commodities they are consuming are the main products that inhibit various bacterial toxins.
Other minor effects of food contamination also occur in short duration after the consumption of the contaminated item. Such include upset stomach which leaves most of the victims feeling uncomfortable with the condition. It may also result in dehydration in the affected person. The dehydration comes as a result of much water lost through vomiting and diarrhea caused by food poisoning (Ercsey-Ravasz et al. 2012, p.383). These conditions mostly occur as a result of undercooked food and even contamination from other areas. Abdominal aches and cramps is another sign of the contaminated diet and may be severe to an extent of seeking specialized medical services.
Strategies to control or prevent impacts of food contamination
To ensure control and prevent the health hazards caused by the pollution of the diet, there some strategies that can be employed and actually solve the problem. First of all, the cooking of food adequately reduces the chances of contamination as well as the effects of the contamination that may be present. The undercooked food lives the bacteria in conditions that they can cause harm to the health of an individual. However, if it is prepared properly and allowed to cook properly, all the bacteria and germs will be damaged, and there will be no chances of contamination effects. The health sector has always been advising people to give enough time to food on fire.  More so, they have considered some foods being more prone to contamination effects than others if undercooked. For instance, animal products such as meat, eggs and milk among others are the most affected by this (Dhama et al. 2013, p.1076).
Secondly, it is always advisable to maintain high levels of hygiene in food production and preparation. The manufacturers should clean their facilities properly to avoid contact with food and various allergens. In addition to that, people should ensure cleanliness in their kitchens to avoid contamination and hence its impact. This will be enhanced by ensuring clean dishes as well as dish clothes being kept clean and dry to prevent breeding of germs (Ercsey-Ravasz et al. 2012, p.379). These germs are the ones that catalyze the process of the contamination and have to be controlled inbreeding. Use of clean worktops helps avoid contact between various food items. For instance, it reduces the chances of contact between food raw items and ready-to-eat foodstuffs. The chopping boards should be separately used also as well as the chopping instruments. Contamination is by great extent prevented through hygiene than any other strategy.
Thirdly, it is sagacious being keen in the buying of the foodstuffs. That is, people should consider looking the environment in which these products are prepared and the process of p...
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