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Origins, evolution, and implication of liberal capital market (Essay Sample)


the growth of economy. what is the Origins, evolution, and implication of liberal capital market on moral behavior.
this sample discusses the topic in detail.


Origins, evolution, and implication of liberal capital market on moral behavior.
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According to Design, medieval economic theories are always concerned with moral activities. The effects of action based activities on self-interest can take the wrong direction if nobody understands what is expected of them from an economic perspective. The sphere of legitimate economic activities should be harmonized in that they cop with communal values. Basically, ethics are principles that guide individual behaviors'. (Noble, 2005), Morals are shaped by social norms, religion, and culture. Mostly it is concerned with what is right and wrong. Since prosperity is determined by individual interest, there should be an incorporation of morality to ensure people deal with what is right. This paper aims to look at the origin, evolution, and implications of the liberal capitalist market on morality and moral behavior.
The origin of the economy was contributed by Adam Smith, but dated back in the 19th century. The word economy came from the Greek word 'Oikonomia,' meaning 'household management.' Letter Aristotle defined it as a 'Science of household management.' In this era, corporations were entitled to limited privileges. (Design, pg. 1126) Business Corporation challenged the notion of restriction in the United States and Britain. The ruling freed them from the restrictions which limited them to single and Specific Corporation to freedom of deploying their capital as they wanted. After which they captained to have the same human right, remedies, and protection as under the bill of right in an American court.

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