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Significance Of Body Awareness In Equine-facilitated Psychotherapy (Essay Sample)


The task highlights the significance of body awareness in equine-facilitated psychotherapy. The sample also covers the effectiveness of body-based therapies associated with awareness.


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Equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) integrates multiple models of psychotherapy and interventions into a treatment process where it's applicable to different fields on the basis of behavioral concepts. It is an interactive procedure that authorizes mental health professionals to work with appropriate equine(s) in addressing various psychotherapy objectives set forth by both service providers and clients. The EFP programmes offer a substitute for conventional room-based therapy and counseling which at times can be intense and or intimidating for some people depending on personal attitudes (Smith-Osborne and Selby, 2010, p.299). Body-based awareness is an important therapeutic tool for use by therapists in achieving set goals.
Body-based awareness is a significant tool in EFP. It facilitates understanding of clients body and be able to control and regulate the expressed messages they send and receive. Body-based awareness involves several activities such as “including anchors breathing, awareness and moderation of arousal levels, and the body scan” (Mills, 2017). Additionally, the clients are able to understand strengths, weaknesses and stressors and therefore tend to influence a better environment for equine therapy. In creating a language for use, the client's body to triggers a communication for response. A client can use this opportunity to compare his behavior and reactions with that of the horse and come up with preferred ways of being oneself and interacting with others.
Body based therapies are useful in the treatment of chronic conditions such as small to moderate effect sizes of pain, depression and anxiety. Body based therapies have also reflected effectiveness in relapse prevention in recurring cases of mental disorders and the treatment of active forms (de Jong et al., 2016). Results from recent randomized trials reveal that body based therapies may be the effective interventions in treating active forms of depression in populations with chronic conditions. Since body based interventions are seen to be beneficial for the treatment of chronic conditions, the real question is on how it exerts the effects. The approach is more of being attentive to the ongoing experience. Training body awareness is also an important element of mindful based interventions such a body scans where clients pay full attentions to multiple parts of the body. Also, the interventions make the patients undergo progress towards creating unity between the body and self. Body and self are always in disunity with each other. With the approach, the body develops signs and the patients will be able to describe the pain there are undergoing and some loss of function (Mehling e

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