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A Reflective Analysis of Change and Development in Terms of Self-Awareness (Essay Sample)


tHIS ESSAY IS ABOUT a reflective analysis of change and development in terms of self-awareness. It Critically evaluates how this change and development may affect personal relationships and client work. aLSO IT AnalyseS and reflect on interactions of safety and trust within the group and with individual members, including an awareness of issues related to human difference. IT FURTHER ReviewS and analyseS progress on achieving personal development goals AND making appropriate changes.


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A Reflective Analysis of Change and Development in Terms of Self-Awareness
The Reflective Analysis
Change and development in terms of self-awareness can be difficult to reflect on, as it can be challenging to identify the changes in the self. However, assessing this development is essential to understand how it may affect personal relationships and client work (Nitta 2019). Self-awareness enables people to become more conscious of themselves and their feelings and behavior, which can help develop relationships with others (Blakemore and Agllias, 2019). By understanding their self-awareness and knowing how they interact with others, they can better handle any interpersonal dynamics that might arise (Carden, Jones and Passmore, 2022). In the past few decades, I have seen a significant shift in my self-awareness and a profound change in personal relationships and client work. This reflective analysis will explore these changes and the influences that facilitated my development. Understanding the importance of individual therapy and its impact on my personal development and client work, I will critically evaluate the changes that have taken place and review my progress in achieving personal development goals.
Personal Development Reflection in Regards to Self-Awareness
The development of my self-awareness has been a gradual yet meaningful process. It began when I decided to seek personal therapy, as I wanted to understand my identity better and explore my past experiences. That was an essential step for me, as it enabled me to gain insight into how my past experiences influenced my present relationships. Through personal therapy, 

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