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Human computer interaction Technology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


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Technology has prompted both utopian dreams and dystopian nightmares concerning its consequences for humanity. Critically consider some elements of these contrasting narratives, and how they have shaped our use of interactive media today.


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Effects of Technology on Humanity
Technology is applying scientific knowledge to human life to either change or manipulates the human environment ( Edsinger 2007). Human beings use technology because it makes their life more comfortable. However, it has many adverse effects that play a part in making their life difficult due to the positive and negative impact on human life. Its use has prompted different views from different people in society. Some support its use while others do not. However, its presence is inevitable, and those against its use can only campaign to reduce its negative consequences. Its presence has caused both utopian dreams and dystopian nightmares among the people.
Utopia has several definitions, which has been changing over time. However, in this context, it is an imagined state of existence where everything is perfect, and perfection has been enabled or accelerated by technology use (Vieira 2010). On the other hand, dystopia which is the opposite of utopia is defined as a society where there is much suffering after something terrible has happened, and the situation might have been caused or accelerated by the use of technology (Davis 2013).

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