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Glitch Art Visual & Performing Arts Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Describe Glitch art and how two artists apply the same in their work.


Glitch Art
Glitch, in the practical sense of the term, refers to a blip that often causes a minor temporal setback. Typically, the causes of a glitch might include an operating system error, a flawed software or even a virus in computing. Identifying the cause of the glitch is fundamental since it helps in selecting the appropriate fixing method. For instance, if the glitch is as a result of a defect in the software, repairing or replacing the piece can solve the problem. Even though most people protest glitches, modern artists have utilized technology to aestheticize the blips.
Glitch art employs the use of digital as well as analog errors to achieve its artistic as well as visually appealing purposes by either interfering with the digital data or manipulating the electronic devices. The technique can be employed to images in motion as well as still images hence it is appropriate for sculptures, videos or other pictures. Though it may appear like chaos is the main component of glitch form of art, it does involve a specific degree planning and control. In other words, to achieve the aesthetic marvel in glitch art, the artists focus on the details to avoid producing an image with deep glitches that may render it unrecognizable.

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