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Describe a Brief History of Ergonomics and Anthropometrics (Essay Sample)


research ergonomics and the human body. The research should be 2 pages double-spaced in MLA and includes the following
A brief history of ergonomics and anthropometrics
the 99%, 50% and 1% measures for both men and women.


With science involved, ergonomics appears to have been founded in the ancient cultural activities of the ancient Greece. They used it to build ancient service centers like surgery rooms, how the tools were to be arranged and by what measurements. The ergonomics has also been given different terms like the ease design, functional design and many others. It refers to the scheming of products, different systems or processes in order to suit the relationships between them and the people that use them. Various fields have contributed to this study including psychology and anthropometry. Human bodies have different cognitive abilities, so the devices and products have been designed to best suit the functions of the human. It seeks to understand the functions of the human body and the elements they often interact and then designs ways in which they can co-relate well by the application of theoretical frameworks, data collections and analysis (Carter, Robert, 2013).
Anthropometry on the other hand refers to the dimensions of the human body. Different tools have been used in this field to understand the variations of the human body in a quest to relate the physical nature of the human body and their other traits including the psychological. It includes the measurement of dimensions like side, shape, weight and many others. Well in the present worlds, anthropometry plays a key role if different fields like ergonomics, designing clothes, in architecture and even in industrial designing. This is of great use in the places where human body dimensions are needed for services. Human body is also dynamic and changes every day. This could be caused by dieting, lifestyle changes or stress so the data in anthropometry needs to be updated often. During the different times in history, the use of anthropometry have varied dynamically like the use of science, analysis and racial movements and the points of concerns have varied from one field to another (Kagemann ET AL., 2012).
99%, 50% and 1% measures
Anthropometric measurements for each populace are often numbered by their sizes and described in percentages. It is more often that the practice to is to scheme for the 5th percentage female to the 95th percentage of male. For female some specific dimensions are often measured like their sitting positions and their heights. To measure a bit larger population, the range of 1% female and 99% male is often used. Anthropometric statistics differs significantly amongst local populaces. For instance, Scandinavian inhabitants incline to be taller, whereas Asian and Italian inhabitants incline to be shorter.
The populace is separated into 100 proportion groupings, classified from smallest to biggest, with regards to some precise c...
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