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Influence of Art History Today Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


discus the impact of art history today
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Influence of Art History Today
The Art History continues to present many possibilities that the present day artists rely on. Some great artists in history have managed to create good pieces that have played a major role in developing the modern theory of art has developed. In the past, artists like Polli and Plato produced good work like the Madonna and child whose versions are still being reproduced CITATION Poo08 \p "pp 10" \l 1033 (Pooke and Newall pp 10). It can be boldly stated that modern fine art develops from the past innovations. In addition, sculpture art developed from the same innovations witnessed in the past. Ancient art had close links to individual philosophies and these philosophies are still being studied today. Therefore, this paper will try to analyze the challenges that the art history poses on today and future artists. This paper will also review the relevance of art history on today’s art.
The concept of Art History
Art history has been given so much attention by today’s scholars as it has been established that creativity is not a new thing in art CITATION Poo08 \p "pp XVII" \l 1033 (Pooke and Newall pp XVII). The concept of art history has developed in recent decades with scholars offering ranges of stylistic analysis as well as classification of art pieces. Some concepts of anthropology have been created primarily for the analysis of art history. However, the art history has been so general to include performing arts. The history of art in America is so rich with the black arts movement decorating most of it with poetic masterpieces. This poetic creativity exhibited by legends such as Angelou are still of relevance today. Art history has been at the forefront of displaying philosophical aesthetic of the artists as well as culture.
The classical concept of art has provided a unique description of the as understood in the Western context. The ancient Greek Culture has been identified as one of the art rich cultures where art objects were developed for specific reasons CITATION Poo08 \p "pp 5" \l 1033 (Pooke and Newall pp 5). Art pieces such as statues and Mosaics were given a ceremonial character by the Greeks. Such scenarios in art history have been the reason for scholars to develop more interest in art history. Other types of art that have been linked with history include fine art that played an important role in redefining modern art technique.
Today’s relevance of art history
According to Ernis (pp 18), art history plays a greater role in dictating the quality and development of modern art. There are inherent techniques that modern artists use to develop quality artworks that may resemble or indicate an improvement of historical work. It is very evident that the past creativity included in art was an excellent foundation that modern artist embraces and build on. For instance, most of the artwork developed in the past remain relevant and attractive in the museums CITATION The10 \p "pp 30" \l 1033 (Ernis pp 30).
Ancient sculptures were produced in a way that they depicted unique traits of society in which they originate. In Austria, Asia and Egypt sculptures were made in a way that they represented a particular religious monument that the people worshiped. Sculpture in Austria was identified to lack a face and had pointed legs whose apparent purpose was to serve as a goddess. The sculptures were designed to avoid total resemblance with ordinary human beings. It is possible that the cultural belief of the people in that area believed that the great mother goddess had pointed legs and no phase. In Egypt, sculptures were carved to depict their leaders as prove of the ancient civilization. A conclusion can be made that the Egyptians held high respect for their leaders. Another impressive landmark in Egypt that is recognized in the world wonders are the pyramids. These sculptures have been preserved in either photographs or museums for people to view and appreciate. Although their cultural significance in history may vary from today’s significance, the uniqueness in the art remains adorable.
For many years, art, music and other forms of creative art have played a significant role in most communities (Santella, pp 2). Art is efficient in speaking sending out a cultural message, preferences, pride and displaying talent. According to Santella (pp 6), artists have used patterns and colors to communicate effectively. For instance, 'the divided vases' curving by Betty Woodman used a limited range of colors to decorate pottery. Rublev made a beautiful design of the Old Testament Trinity that still amaze many to date. However, some designs have failed to depict the intended image leaving viewers with more questions and doubt. For instance, the artworks by Rococo made intellectual question the social responsibility of the works. When art fails to appeal the eye of the public, the...
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