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Modern Mariachi Culture in the USA (Essay Sample)


This task explored the connection between the student's own life experiences with music culture. this sample focuses on the present American mariachi culture. the sample vividly explains why the student choose the Modern Mariachi culture in the USA, why and how they feel connected to the music culture, and what the culture means to the people who practice it.


Modern Mariachi culture in the USA
Nothing can break your spirit like the realization that you do not fit in. The continual reminder of my ethnicity and the negative stereotypes I was subjected to as a 13-year-old made me feel insecure. Music is one of the most difficult forms of art to comprehend. There have been many theories on why people listen to music and how it affects their minds for millennia. To create "self-awareness" and "social relatedness," music listening is a shared goal. There is little question that music has a tremendous influence on the human mind, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, despite the many and frequently conflicting discoveries concerning this phenomenon. As a member of a marginalized group, I have had to deal with a lot of hardships and agony, but I have also learned a lot and been able to enjoy a lot of victories. I feel a strong connection to the Modern mariachi music culture's beliefs, values, and conventions. Despite the difficulties they endure in the United States, their culture encourages them to be proud of their identity. In this paper, I will explore the connection between my own life experiences and the present American mariachi culture.
In America, mariachi music has a special place in the hearts of the people. The mariachi is a celebration of the country's people, their hardships, happiness, and development. Mariachi music is a common accompaniment to Latino social gatherings and milestones. Baptisms, weddings, festivals, and even funerals often include mariachi music. It is impossible not to be moved by Mexican mariachi music. It has a direct, powerful, and emotional tone. Extroverted vocals, smooth harmonies, and romping rhythms evoke a range of emotions, including joy, sadness, pride, anger, desolation, romance, and rebellion. When you hear "Mariachi," you are hearing a specific type of music, a separate grouping of instruments, and a distinct vocal style. There are many Mexican Americans that identify strongly with the flag since it is a symbol of their cultural history and provides a sense of

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