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There is no hope of conducting perfect research (Essay Sample)


explain according to your own understanding why you think there is no hope of conducting a perfect research.

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There is no hope of conducting perfect research
In the year 1998, Griffiths (97) declared that there is no any hope of doing a perfect research. This statement remains a strife one with forces encouraging it as well as other forces opposing it. In order to understand Griffith’s statement, first one has to perceive the meaning of the word research. Research can be referred to as the study done to solve a given a problem or also to discover things which have not yet to be discovered. Research may refer to the act of investigating through a prior already done study so as to investigate and come up with a new finding which had not been identified during the previous study. In this modern day world, research is important going by the fact that it has resulted to the development and advancement of many inventions in both science and technology.
When one examines Griffiths (97) statement, one can come to the conclusion that there is no hope of doing a perfect research. Despite the fact that, at times, the research may tend to appear particularly promising, the existence of bias and errors has the reputation of some research into the question. The term perfect means the state of completeness without any errors, weaknesses or flaws (Bernard 64). The term perfect in the research context can be used to refer to a confirmed fact that otherwise has some imperfections which are sure to happen during the research process. The fact that nobody is perfect implies the state of a research being perfect is not a realistic conclusion in modern day world.
There are two main categories of research namely quantitative and qualitative research methods (Kothari 170). Despite the existence of these types of research methods, there is no any assurance that the results of a given researc...
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