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Understanding Comics (Essay Sample)


read all of EXERCISES OF STYLE and Chapters I and 2 of UNDERSTANDING COMICS. Select ONE idea from McCloud\'s reading on comics that you find of interest and discuss (what is basic idea? how does it make you think about images differently?) Then briefly discuss how you might use both readings (Queneau and McCloud) to tell a story in a new way (what ideas does it give you about storytelling more generally?). You only need to write a text response on your wiki page. You should aim for around 400 words total.

McCloud's main idea is creativity. Images should be done in such a way that they are able to attract the interest in knowing what happened before getting to a particular situation. Those going through the images should be able to come up with a clear picture of the previous events because they contribute to the extend of being comic (McCloud 16). The illustrations that are part of the images should be guiding enough and the extent of entertainment must be concentrated in the different follow up events that are part of the general understanding of the best qualitative aspects of comedy. A careful use of different colors is necessary in coming up with the variations that are critical ion leading to the different classes of story telling procedures. Three dimensional images are the best in giving the deep details in comic expressions.
Queneau and McCloud emphasize that the interest to know more about a particular story originates from the curiosity that that has been created. Story telling should relate to the different categories of aspects that are part of the central theme. The bottom line in explaining the different perspectives of the story telling process should be deep-rooted in the kind of expressions and gestures used in story telling (McCloud 24). The desire to be more creative results in a position whereby the story teller applies to a number of strategies in giving the different explanations that are basic in the evaluation of the story being told. A prof...
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