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Anthropology Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Essay on Anthropology


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Animals are mainly classified into either wild or farm. It is not complicated to differentiate between farm animals and wild animals by a look since many differences are exhibited between the two groups. Wild animals are those that live in wild conditions without domestication by human beings. Wild animals enjoy life mainly gifted by Mother Nature, which is beyond human influence. These animals prefer surviving in their natural environment, although they sometimes face problems caused by anthropogenic activities. When this happens, the human-wildlife conflict is witnessed. Examples of wild animals include cheetahs, lions, and elephants. They provide a lot of information for the world of sciences. They also provide income via tourist-related activities. Farm animals mainly comprise companion, livestock, and working animals. Human beings domestic farm animals for economic gain. Farm animals are crucial for the provision of proteins and milk. Besides, dogs are mainly used for protection, while donkeys and horses are vital for work purposes.

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