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About Global Warming And Its Impact On The Earth Surface (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about global warming and its impact on the earth surface


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Aspects of Global Warming
Global warming is conditions in which the earth temperature raise above the normal temperature hence cause the greenhouse effect globally. The conditions that result to greenhouse effect include the mixture of carbon gases, pollutants and the intense heat from the sun that radiate it back. The resultant effects of green house is the increased intensity of heat in the atmosphere. The formation and thickening of the atmosphere due to increased rate of carbon gases result to the condition called green house effect.
Causes of global warming is categorized into natural and human cause’s hence altering variety of lifeform in our planet. Natural causes of global warming include the increasing intensity of sun in the atmosphere, the greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions and methane gases (Minkel, 2007). On the other hand, there many human activities that are effective in trapping large amount of heat in the atmosphere causing global warming. Human activities that influence global warming include the industrial revolution, mining activities, deafrorestration.
There are many effects of global warming on the surface of the earth will cause severe effects both on the plants and the human beings. The notable effects of global warming include the melting of mountain caps in Polar Regions, increasing the level of water in water bodies especially oceans and seas (Miller, 2013). The resultant effects of ice raising in sea water lave is hurricanes, floods therefore claiming the lives of human nature and loss of billions by respective government to relocate the victims. Furthermore, global warming can result to lose in some species such the polar bear due to changes in the climate and weather patterns.
There are various measures that and proposed solutions of preventing and stopping of global warming. To reduce global warming, then the must the reduction in the use of gasoline that emits pollutant gases into the atmosphere.Furhermore, we can reduce global warming through activities such as recycling of waste papers, turning off electrify if it’s not used and implementing of laws that regulate mass deforestation (Oxlade, 2012).Human should also refrain from burning of garbage and dry leaves since it release carbon gases into the atmosphere which causes global warming.Furthermore,government should formulate health policies that governs the emission of gaseous into the atmosphere. The industrial air pollutant is among the leading causes of global warming. The gases released into the atmosphere depl...
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