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Longevity in Centenarian with Unhealthy Habits (Essay Sample)

the age-old fascination with longevity is attributed to healthy living. However, centenarians do not conform to healthy living yet they have longer life. Therefore, their longevity is due to their genetic traits that inhibit cell damage, their fertility rates and birthing times , and external factors that slow their lives. However, despite the existence of centenarians, there is no elixir to long life. Withal, there is need for more research and publication on the factors that contribute to this rare phenomenon. source..
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Longevity in Centenarian with Unhealthy Habits Longevity is a phenomenon that has elucidated human curiosity for ages. The major point of interest surrounds whether there is an elixir to prolong life. However, the commonly sought healthy-living approaches postulated by people are farfetched since only a small population has the capability to be centenarian. The dilemma is in that centenarians do not conform to healthy practices yet they live longer than those dedicated to this lifestyle. Hence, there is postulation of other factors that contribute to the longevity of the few. Thus, in light of this, centenarians with unhealthy habits live longer due to their genetics, environmental factors, and fertility. Centenarians with unhealthy habits live longer due to their unique genetic make-up. Long life is limited to a small population due to unique traits in their genes. According to Morsiani et al. (8), centenarians have increased MiRs that are significant in regulating aging. Due to these unique elements in the DNA, longevity among centenarians is achieved despite living unhealthy lifestyles. Additionally, these genes inhibit the adverse effects of activities such as smoking and bad diets. In light of this, centenarians are able to engage in risky habits without feeling the negative impact on their bodies, Thus, they are able to remain healthy as people without the genetic makeup wither due to unhealthy lifestyles. On the other hand, environmental factors have contributed significantly to longevity among centenarians. As mentioned above, long life is a trait that is evident among certain populations. These communities are known to live longer due to environmental factors. Rong et al. (3) point out that factors such as social demographics contribute to longevity. Rong et al. (7) show that centenarians have few interests in their surrounding making them likely to live longer than others. Furthermore, such behaviour is experienced by all people in the community who find themselves more introverted. Due to this, despite not living a healthy lifestyle, their lives are calmer. Therefore, centenarians live longer since their surroundings shape their interaction and behaviour causing a relaxing effect. Fertility is another contributor to longevity among unhealthy living centenarians. According to Lockhart et al. (754), there is a direct relationship between aging and reproduction. Lockhart et al. (754) postulated that women with many births have a shorter lifespan compared to those that menopause early. Lockhart et al. (754) attributes this to cell damage that occurs due to birthing. Additionally, the belief of giving birth at a certain age slows aging contributes significantly (Lockhart et al. 757). Thus, in light of this , centenarians who practice these beliefs will live recklessly since they are aware of the slowed process their bodies will take when they have fewer children and give birth at a certain age. In conclusion , the age-old fascination with longevity is attributed to ...
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