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My Journey Journal (Essay Sample)


i was supposed to create a journal from the journey notes that were provided after a biology tour where they identified several things such as vertebrates. based on this information, the journal identified the observations made, interesting behaviors and described a vertebrate from those that were established.


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On Thursday, the 21st of April, I visited the Belle Isle during a biology trip. The weather forecast showed that the area's humidity was as high as 70 degrees humid. The first location where I first stopped was high-pitched with a small dark waxing. The great blue heron was standing on a rock, and there was a bridge that aided in crossing to the Belle isle. In addition to these, I had a barn swallow nature under a seagull and a so small toked tail. I encountered a blackhead cast that was long-necked and grey. I also saw a Canada goose that resembles a custom grey squirrel and a turtle cooler inside the water.
Throughout my journey at the Belle isle, I came across several things that I was aware of, such as the turtles and the Canada goose. However, there is one thing that I was not aware of, and that is the fact that a Canada goose feeds on the seagrass (Clancy n.p). I thought that it feeds on small fish and water snails. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a grass feeder. Similarly, I identified some behaviors from the vertebrate, such as the turtle, which had buried its body in the sea and popped out its neck to the extent that one would fail to identify it. The aspect of the day that was diffic

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