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Sensory Branding: Oreo in the Indian Context Business Essay (Essay Sample)


Case study
Sensory branding: Oreo in the Indian context
The case has to be solved in team of two students.
Due date: Nov. 12, 2019
Read the case study Sensory branding: Oreo in the Indian context and answer the following questions. Start you answer by an introduction (1 point) where you explain briefly the case and the key issues.
You must submit your work via Blackboard using the available link. Please make sure to include a cover page with the names and ID.
Question 1:
a- What do you infer from the data provided in “Exhibit A” (see appendix below)? Why customers buy cream cookies and biscuits? (2 points)
b- Based in “Exhibit A”, compare the three brands (Oreo, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, and Britannia Pure Magic) in term of their functional, symbolic and experiential dimensions (2 points)
Question 2: Compare the three brands, Oreo, Sunfeast Dark, and Britannia Pure, based on their intrinsic and extrinsic aspects. (3 points)
- The attributes which are internal to the product (color, aroma, taste, etc) are considered to be the intrinsic aspects that may significantly represent the experiential and functional benefits offered by the product. Items 1-5, item 7 and items 9-11 from “Exhibit A” measure the intrinsic aspect.
- Attributes such as perceived quality, expensiveness, which are non-physical but closely related to the product, are considered to be as the extrinsic attitudes and significantly represent the symbolic benefits offered by the brand or experimental benefit because of perceived quality. Items 6 and 8, and items 12-20 measure the extrinsic aspect.
- Consider calculating an average score for every brand in each of two aspects, intrinsic and extrinsic.
Question 3: What are the main stereotypes of the category of cream cookies and biscuits? (3 points)
Question 4: What could you infer from the three storyboards ( Exhibit 2 in the case study) about how each of the three brands is trying to position itself. (3 points)
Question 5: Taking into consideration your answer to the previous questions, should Oreo try to reposition itself, should they keep the same positioning? How Oreo could differentiate itself from the two main competitors (Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, and Britannia Pure Magic)? Elaborate on your answerer. (6 points)

Appendix: Exhibit A
Dimensions Item Nb. Statements Oreo Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Britannia Pure Magic
Dimension 1 I associate these brands of biscuits with comfort food; food which makes me happy
2 These brands of biscuits are indulgent 3.63
3 These brands of biscuits are very creamy 3.87
4 These brands of biscuits have a great taste 4.13
5 These brands of biscuits have a very crispy cookie 3.85
6 These brands of biscuits have a very pleasing appearance 3.98
7 These brands of biscuits have wonderful aroma 3.45
8 These brands of biscuits induce strong feelings and sentiments in me 2.82
Functional dimension 9 Consuming these brands of biscuits provides me energy 2.82
10 I consume these brands of biscuits as a quick snack 3.50
11 I consume these brands of biscuits for satisfying my hunger pangs 3.42
12 These brands of biscuits are made by careful processing &handling 4.05
13 These brands of biscuits have excellent quality 4.19
Symbolic dimension 14 I associate these brands of biscuits with expensiveness 3.34
15 I can identify with these brands of biscuits 3.35
16 I consume & share these brands of biscuits with my friends 3.45 3.34
17 I feel like treating myself by consuming these brands of biscuits 3.27
18 These brands of biscuits are consumed only by specific type of people 3.05
19 These brands of biscuits communicate who I am to other people 3.27
20 These brands of biscuits help me become the type of person I want to be 2.47
Note: Higher score on the scale indicates a higher degree of agreement


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Sensory Branding: Oreo in the Indian Context
Interpretation of the data provided in Exhibit 1
The data provided in Exhibit 1 shows that Oreo is the highest in variables, showing contentment, fitted in a specific social cluster and represented customer happiness. The data showed increased conviction levels among customers. Conviction represents the level of customer confidence and belief in a specific product. Customers have the sense that it feels right in doing something. For instance, most consumers thought there was something right about eating Oreo in Exhibit 1. However, as outlined in Exhibit 1, people’s certainty is measured analytically using simple techniques, guaranteeing a precise assessment of the level of a person’s belief in a particular product.
Equally, I found that customers bought cream cookies and biscuits due to how they perceived or identified themselves in the society. People’s social perception of themselves helps them to develop specific mindsets towards certain products, influencing their behavior and attraction. The analysis also shows that people, eating Oreos, are confident of themselves and their judgments. People’s confidence in themselves is enhanced when they find that they share similar interests with those of other people. They develop self-reliance as they are sure of their choices through realization that other people enjoy Oreo’s.
Most people also admitted that they had a guilty conscience, resulting immediately or after eating Oreo biscuits. These people understood that eating Oreos and biscuits had detrimental effects on their health. However, most of them still choose to eat it to reduce hunger or replenish their desire to taste something sweet in their mouths. The exhibit 1 demonstrates that it is evident that most people buy and eat cream cookies and cakes as it is challenging for them to shun their urges of eating the biscuits. Most people stressed that they were compelled to eat the whole pack in one sitting on opening a single pack of biscuits, enhancing their remorse.

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