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Internet Privacy: Respecting and Protecting Rights of Internet Users (Essay Sample)


Learning to write a quality research paper is one of the most important skills you can acquire as a college student. Your research-based writing provides you with an opportunity to participate in an intellectual discussion on a topic of immediate interest to you. For this assignment, I will ask you to stay away from the typical research paper topics such as Birth Control, the legalization of marijuana, Abortion and the Death Penalty. Your research paper will be one with a thesis—not a report of information. Your thesis must be arguable and not informational. You need to take a clear position in your paper and argue. The facts included in your paper will call for interpretation, and you will try to persuade readers that your interpretation or opinion about the topic is correct. Research papers can seem overwhelming, so to eliminate some of the stress, we will break this assignment down into manageable stages and it will be completed as a process as follows: Research Paper Topic Annotated Bibliography Intro to your paper (the first 3-4 pages) Full Rough Draft of your paper Final Draft of your paper Assignments are due in class on the day assigned. Missing any part of the above requirements will result in a half to a full grade reduction per assignment. The requirements for the research paper are as follows: 8-10 pages in length MLA Format (12pt Times New Roman or Arial Font) You must use at least 5 credible sources You must use MLA style of documentation for citations You must have a Works Cited page (MLA Format) You can not use "I" in your essay You must submit your hard-copy with all components of the assignment (Proposal, Intro, Rough Draft) stapled April 21st. Plagiarism of any kind, even unintended, will result in a full grade reduction or a 0 on the assignment, so make sure that you correctly understand how to cite your sources. Research Paper Topic What is your general topic or what problem area are you interested in? How would you express it in a few words A: Privacy on the internet What central question are you trying to answer about your topic? A: Do people protect themselves enough and is it right for companies to sell information What do you think is the best answer to your central question? From your research so far, what have you concluded? What is your main point about your topic? A: People do not protect themselves enough In one sentence, how would you describe your findings to someone who asked you about your research? A: The average person does not consider enough about their information being stolen on the internet and most do not understand the danger. How does your idea differ from other views you have read? What do you have to say about your topic that is new? A: Some people have complete trust in companies storing there personal data and information.


Internet Privacy
As e-commerce continues to gain traction in the contemporary world, issues to do with internet privacy are increasingly becoming common. Internet privacy is essential to all internet users. The world is now filled with free internet users who are willing to disclose their personal information to any website without regard of the consequences that could arise. Most of such people believe that the internet is a secure place just because people are transacting virtually. Many people own mobile phones, buy things online and use credit cards to pay for such transactions. Nonetheless, the companies and authorities which are controlling online platforms do more than just storing information on online platforms (Yiakoumis et al, 484). Whenever a person uses the internet, he or she expects neutrality—that nobody would interfere with them when they are carrying out their activities on the web. Everyone wants to have internet neutrality so that their right to communicate freely and transact over the internet is safeguarded. Therefore, it is paramount to have internet privacy, and have governments and corporates respecting and protecting the rights of internet users.
Net Neutrality is meant to Ensure Internet Privacy
There have been numerous attempts to define privacy. However, in the legal arena, privacy is almost synonymous to the right to be alone. There are other people who have defined privacy as the only right that prevents the disclosure of personal data to other people. In spite of the numerous trials to synthesize a common definition that is unified and simple, the definition of privacy still remains elusive (Yamagata-Lynch et al., 245). The highly sophisticated nature of privacy has made people to come up with diverse definitions depending on the context in which the term is used.
Internet privacy involves protecting internet users’ data that is captured or stored on their online accounts. Net neutrality is, therefore, a principle used in the internet to prevent the internet service providers from exercising power over what is being communicated via the internet. The service providers may provide the facility for accessing the internet, but they should not endeavor to restrict the communication for the various users of the internet. Nonetheless, there have been moves to take away the principle of net neutrality with advocates of the same accusing internet consumers of using the

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