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Meaningfulness in Music and Why Less People Choose To Listen To It (Essay Sample)


Meaningfulness in Music and Why Less People Choose To Listen To It.

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Meaningful music
I remember the first time I listened to a song ‘Hell above by Pierce the Veil,' my initial thoughts were always to repeat listening since I believed it had the best and most powerful message: it was arguably the best message ever to be passed in a single song. The band manages to inspire the listener by highlighting the social and contemporary issues affecting the community. A meaningful music can be characterized by being an influential, entertaining, promote cultural values, and also inspire the listener (Dillon 20). It is also an ideal tool that parents use to pass values and relevant norms which they received from the community. The essay will thus focus on discussing the concept of important music and evaluate reasons why in the contemporary society fewer people are paying keen attention to it.
Meaningful music can be understood by answering some questions relating to it. Why is it that listening to a particular genre of a song makes one happy, irritable, or nervous? How does the music manage to influence the listener on different aspects- spirit, body, and mind? The rational discussion of important music indicates that it poses many key features that affect how the audience pays attention to the message. The healing power and adding value element of music can be conveyed using drone, harmonies, repetition, and instrumental color. The latter highlights the uniqueness of sound quality. A good example is the tuba sound which is often credited with ability resonate the listener’s belly. Repetition in a song makes the listener comfortable in listening to the intended message. It thus makes influences the subconscious mind to listen without forming biased judgement.
The drone can also affect meaningfulness of a song. The element represents an extended and uninterrupted set of sounds in a particular song. Most artists use environmental sound to employ this healing effect of the music. A good example is the tamboura which is common in East India and original Australian instrument (Herstand 54). Harmony in a song also adds its meaning. Typically, it carries the emotional concept in a song. A calming and relaxing music will thus have harmonies which are dissonant or complex.
Despite music being a tool to add value, pass communication, and positive transformation, fewer people, are embracing this in the contemporary society. According to Lamont (50), the key reason is that most individuals will listen to a song due to social influence. They will thus pay attention of whether the music represents their perception and the general belief in the community. The same group of individual will reject another genre of the song even if ...
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