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Technological Progress is Like an Axe in the Hands of a Pathological Animal (Essay Sample)

this was a persuasive essay and teacher gave us a list of topics. i wrote on "Technological Progress is Like an Axe in the Hands of a Pathological Animal". source..
Muhammad Mumtaz 2018-10-0281 Dr. Aamna Khalid SS-100 (Sec-11) November 02, 2015 Technological Progress is Like an Axe in the Hands of a Pathological Animal The 20th century has become an important chapter of the history of this planet when the technological progress was made accelerate to a higher extent. With the Technological progress, the life of a common man was changed and improved such that the time to complete any kind of task was reduced by advance technology and technological aided devices like communication system was improved; and a better reliable and more rapid communication system was adopted by human kind; living approach was completely changed to a better tomorrow; medical was revolutionized; food quality was made better and man was empowered to survive in poorer circumstances. This is one side of this coin that is attractive and gracious but the other face of this coin is worst for this technological progress empowered those who got power because of it to destroy this planet and challenge the survival of Humanity on earth. Technological Progress taught a person how to go and survive on the other planets but it did not teach him how to live on the earth. It allowed evils of this world destroy humanity to attain their evil and reprobate purposes. On August 6 & 9, 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two major Japanese cities was attacked by Americans and a large scale destruction took place,88 per cent of the people within a one kilometer radius of the epicenter died instantly or within a few weeks of the bombings; by November 1945, approximately 200,000 were dead-130,000 in Hiroshima and between 60,000 and 70,000 in Nagasaki and industrial zone of both cities was destroyed. Technological progress has made a man insecure socially and economically such that we cannot share our personal information on social media because of cyber-attacks. Technological progress has created threatens for our social life and mass destruction is possible in no time because of Advance Technology aided weapons and devices. Although there are several constructive use of Technological Progress if it is used in positive ways but its use with evil and uneven intentions is ruining this world Like an Axe in the Hand of Pathological Criminal. Atomic power and Advance Weapons gained because of Technological Progress is like an axe in the hand of pathological criminals.Because of technological progress and scientific advancement, the survival of human beings has become a challenge. Some countries are using Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and technology aided weapons for their unlawful and offensive purposes. Using technological progress, terrorists hijacked four aero planes and deliberately flew them into targets in the United States of America. These acts of terrorism killed almost 3,000 people and triggered the subsequent conflict in Afghanistan. (BBC News Report) A huge no of people have been killed in Afghanistan by NATO forces. Killing in Syria is rapidly approaching that of Bosnia. The office of U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights reported 92901 killing including 6561 children between March 2011 and April 2013. Nearly two 2.0 people fled the country and 4.2 million people have been internally displaced since beginning of the conflict.As a result of use of progressed technology by Israel, out of 1.9 million people of Gaza, only 4505 are still living in Gaza, 475000 are living in emergency shelters or with other families, 17200 home are severely damaged or completely destroyed and 224 schools were damaged. US are utilizing automation innovation just to support its economy and support its position of Super Power on this planet. Every second country threatensthe other one just because of atomic power. Instead of Bilateralism, countries are trying to triumph over the other one using Atomic Power, Chemical and Technological Progress Aided Weapons. These days, every second country is in the technological race and going on increasing its atomic, nuclear and chemical weapons, spending a major portion of budget for defense instead of spending it for richness of its public. Instead of collecting resources for heath, richness and prosperity of humanity and its public, every country is spending a huge portion of its budget collecting arsenals to destroy humanity. Diarrhea kills more than half a million children every year - with Pakistan, Nigeria and India having the highest death rates. The progress in Electromagnetic and nanotechnology has harmful effect on human cells and tissues. Chances are cancer got increased to a higher magnitude because of extensive use of Mobile Technology and Nanotechnology. Internet was meant to support human kind in some of their tasks but it is being misused by them to threaten humanity, stole privacy, damage security systems, harm others data and disable online banking system using cyber tools and cyber weapons. Because of social media hacker, stalkers and active terrorism supporter on social media, people are now scared of sharing even their general information because active cyber criminals can access your social media account, use your identity and make you disown your accounts just in a few seconds. With the progress of technology, cyber-crimes are becoming more and more effective as cyber criminals use loopholes of cyber system because any cyber product has a no of loopholes in it. Using loop holes of e-government, cyber criminals harass sending emails, social media messages and making social media posts & using hash tag. Using social media, text messages and email system, cyber criminals are active these days. Almost every second person is receiving some sort of fraud of threatening messages and the sender cannot be detected in most of cases. Cyber criminals encrypt password of peoples social media accounts, email accounts and online banking system and use their identity their own purposes and against them, use their pictures & videos for some evil and unlawful purposes, use their emails accounts and blackmail owners to fulfill their demands. Sometimes, online banking accounts are accessed by hackers and cyber criminals and are misused at a massive scale for online payments and shopping. Websites of famous business firms, educational institutes, large scales companies and Govt. departments especially armed forces & intelligence agencies are common target of websites hackers, these kind of websites are hacked/accessed for different purposes, offensive &annoying messages are displayed and data is deleted sometimes. There are several fraud centers dynamically functioning especially in India and Pakistan that buy wrong calls from call centers and the user is offered some $100 gift and his/ her Credit/ Debit Card information is saved and later on it is misused by that calling centers. Sometimes, some cyber devices are connected with automated teller machine (ATM) and Debit/Credit card data of users is saved by cyber criminals and later on it is misused for online payments. The online security systems of organizations, famous companies, intelligence agencies, govt. institutes, educational institutes and law enforcing agencies is hacked and misused by cyber criminals and hackers. The defense systems on one country is hacked and disabled by the other country or hackers belonging to other countries and sometimes intelligence agencies hack defense systems of other countries. Online Banking systems are hacked and large scale transactions are made even victim banks become bankrupt.Armed forces use radios of different frequencies for communication system but the rival armed forces, cyber-criminals terrorists and hacker, working for some evil firms and rival people use different cyber tools using Advance Technology to harm and disable and damage security systems for evil purposes. Using Cyber tools, aero planes are hijacked, According to experts claim, missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was ‘Hijacked by Russians’. (Sunday Express)Deadly attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School was aided by advance technology, in which more than 150 people were killed in terrorist attack, terrorists used loophole of Pakistan’s Communication System when unregistered Sims were used for communications during and before attack. High Machinery and High Speed Transport system was to be used to facilitate humanity but it is harming people with its negative effects. Heavy duty machines and Heavy and High speed transport system was developed for benefits and easiness of people but excessive use of transport system, careless use of heavy machinery aided mills and working plants are damaging this earth. In order to construct new road, a huge no of trees are cut every year that is harming and destroying the beauty and fertility of earth. There are a large no of fake companies making harmful and cheaper products just to earn a huge amount of profits that is destroy our health system. A large no of people die in road accidents every year because of this technology. Every year, a no of aero planes crash and as a r...
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