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Admission Essay Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper was an admission essay for yale university


Yale Admission Essay
My arrival in the US a score of years ago was more of a fateful situation other than a premeditated plan. My father, a vocal activist and a prominent businessman was mentally murdered in cold blood by a tyrannical regime in India because of his strong stance against the dictatorial tendencies of the government of the day. Together with my extended family, my aunt in the US organized our escape from possible political persecution by helping us seek asylum in the US. At the time I was only 10 years old. On this backdrop of losing all the family properties and its struggling sole breadwinner, my family found solace and a safe haven in the US but that came at a huge price of depending on food stamps and donations. A family that was erstwhile flourishing in a swamp of opulence were now literally wallowing in abject poverty.
After 5 years of continuous eke of pittance from odd jobs, my family decided to start a trucking business that was being managed by my father. His unbridled endurance and unmatched scale of hard work ensured that the venture anchored its roots and established itself in the murky waters of the American markets despite the insurmountable challenges he faced. Helping my father with the errands in the business and the critical economic fabric the venture held within my family, planted an indelible seed of business and entrepreneurship in my heart.

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