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An Incident that Shaped My Character (Essay Sample)

It was to write a story about an incident that has shaped your character. source..
Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date (d/m/y) An Incident that Shaped my Character When I was a kid, I enjoyed the company of my grandparents. They both loved me so much that whenever they visit my home, they bought so many presents for me. My grandma was more attached to me, and she used to save money to buy my presents. It was the happiest time of my life when my grandparents arrived at my home. My grandmother was old, but she always used to play with me. She laughs at my silly jokes, and she told several tales stories at night. I always felt depressed when my grandparents leave, but I always calm myself with the thought that they will be back soon. They used to live in Ohio and visit my home twice a year. My grandfather died when I was ten due to a heart attack. It was the worst and horrible time of my life because my grandma loved him so much that she told me she couldn’t live without grandpa. We stayed at my grandma’s home for three days. In these three days, I tried to cheer up my grandma several times, but she always smiled at me with tears in her eyes. When my parents told her that we have to leave, she smiled again and said, “Yes, sure, I will be okay.” I was disheartened because she was alone now. But my parents were not able to extend the trip due to my school and their jobs. I started talking to grandma on the phone every day, and she used to tell me every single detail of her day. I also shared everything with her about my daily routine. One year passed, and we planned a visit to my grandma. When we reached, and I saw her, I realized that she was so weak and old. She stopped smiling at my jokes, and I realized that most of the time she wasn’t listening to me. At one night, when we had to leave next morning, I heard loud voices coming from my grandmother’s room. It was my parents. I started to hear the voices. My grandmother asked my parents that to bring her with them or live here with her. My parents told her that they are not able to leave their jobs and at our home, there is no space for her. We do not have any extra room for her. Then she asked my parents to leave me with her. She asked my parents that she will take care of me and here I could take admission in the school. She felt lonely all the time, and she is not able to live alone anymore. My parents didn’t reply, and I went into the room. I told my grandmother that I love her so much, but I can’t leave my home, my school, and my friends. I couldn’t be able to adjust here with her. It was the worst decision of my life, and I never knew at that time that I will suffer pain due to this decision throughout my life. I never forget her facial expressions when I said to her that I am not able to adjust here with her. She didn’t say anything, and we left grandma’s home next morning. I felt sorry for her, but I didn’t realize that I was wrong and I should stay with her. Two weeks later, I got the news that she died. My grandmother died. I felt pain in my chest, and I started hearing my voices that, "I am not able to stay here grandma, please try to understand, I couldn’t leave my friends, my home, and my school." She died and left me alone with the guilty that I was acted bad with her and leave her alone when she needed me the most. I ...
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