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Creative Autobiography on an Event you can Never Forget (Essay Sample)


Write a creative autobiography on an event you can never forget

I walked through the gates of the college with my head held high. I could smell the fresh atmosphere. Students were buzzing around in activity. Most were rushing to the registration desks while a few struggled to make new friends. I felt a sense of pride. My parents had driven me to the place and were so proud of me. I had finally made it to college and the long awaited first day was here. “It was worth the struggle,” I thought and smiled. The song blasting through my earphone was an all-time classic. It was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, a ghostly song. I had included it in my playlist the previous day because I finally knew the ghosts it brought to me were finally gone. As the song played, my mind raced down memory lane, through the journey that had landed me here.
“Wake up! You have no right to sleep like a pig in my house. Your fellow students must be in the library by now,” My mother retorted. She was constantly mad at me for being last in my class. She could time and again lament about how ‘accidental’ I was. Had she waited for a year, could she have had a brighter child? I felt an outcast. There is a local saying that if your mother does not love you, you cannot be loved by anybody else. Doesn’t even the hyena love her cubs? I struggled out of bed. It was in my second junior high school year, but I felt I had been in school forever. The exam week was just around the corner, and I felt unprepared. I hated exams. I had always feigned illness in the past, and it had worked for some time. My tricks were soon uncovered by my mother who could drive me to school regardless of how sick I looked. I needed a new solution, and I needed it fast.
The breakfast table welcomed me with a sweet aroma of a king-befitting meal. My father was already there watching the highlights of the previous day’s sports. He had watched the whole game, but he seemed to enjoy every bit of the highlight. I was not a sports person. Physical education was my worst subject though all others competed with it closely. I just felt useless in life. “Make sure you come early today,” roared my father. “We are going to watch the Cats versus Wolves match.” He said with a grin. I hated it but put on a fake smile. “Why on earth would grown-ups call themselves cats, dogs and wolves?” I thought as I hastened out of the house.
On my way to school, I met my friend Jack. If anyone thought I was hopeless in life, then they had not met Jack. He was addicted to drugs that had not yet been classified by the Food and Drugs Authority as addictive. His eyes were plum red, and his lips looked as if they had been roasted. He was tiny, and one could easily see the protruding ribs. Despite his looks, he was friendly and a darling to many. His imaginary stories would send ribs cracking. In him, I had found a real friend who could not judge me by my grades. I had resisted the lure to ask him for some drugs because his looks were the last thing I wanted to have. But that day I felt fed up. I wanted anything that could take me out of reality. I felt life was not fair to me.
“Jack, I want some of your cocaine,” I said enthusiastically. He looked at me with cold eyes, and apathy was written all over his face. It was an awkward moment, but he stared at me for a minute or two. I could see a tear drop from his eye. As it went down his eyes, I could feel it burn through my heart like a sharp blade. The feeling was worse than the worst spanking my mother had ever given me. I could not tell why I felt so, but it was intense. Jack shook his head. “You are my best friend. I should look out for you, right?” He asked in a croaking voice that tore through my eardrums. I nodded in shame. “My life is spoilt. I would not like to spoil yours too. I love you more than I love myself. I am hooked my friend. The doctor said I might even die soon because of some diseases he gave fancy names. If you follow me, we will all be forgotten if we d...
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