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Impact of Climate Change on Human and Environment (Essay Sample)


THis was a climate fiction assignment. the writer was given instructions to create a story that shows the impacts of climate change on humans and the environment. the paper had to address how climate change has altered weather PATTERNs, food, humans, and the environment. the work was to touch on the negative impacts of climate change, or how characters have combated climate change and were rewarded with positive results.


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Impact of Climate Change on Human and Environment.
Climate change has been a devastating challenge in the recent past that has seen scientists directing much of their energies toward this direction. It has had diverse effects on human space and the environment, prompting the destruction of terrestrial wildlife and aquatic life. It has also stretched its hand onto the physical environment leading to changes in weather patterns, rise and fall of the ocean seas level, acidifying ocean waters, and impacting food production. In food production, for instance, climate change can lead to excessive evaporation or evapotranspiration, which makes plant crops wilt and eventually die, reducing yielding. This means food output will decline, which may cause nutrition-related diseases such as kwashiorkor and marasmus. This disease increases the mortality rate.

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