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Why College Athletes Should be Paid (Essay Sample)


The topic of whether or not college athletes should be paid is a controversial and hotly debated issue. Proponents argue that college athletes generate significant revenue for their universities and should receive compensation for their hard work, while opponents argue that providing athletes with salaries would undermine the amateur nature of college sports and lead to a host of other issues.


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College athletes contribute significantly to the financial success of their schools, but they are not paid for their work. Scholarships pay for tuition, lodging, and food, but they do not adequately reflect the time and effort young athletes put into their sport. These student-athletes frequently struggle to make ends meet since they hail from low-income homes. Paying collegiate athletes would not only provide them with a just reward for their efforts, but it would also level the playing field and lessen the gap in wealth among athletes. It's time to admit that college athletics is a billion-dollar business, and the athletes who make it successful should receive fair compensation.
There are strong feelings on both sides of the question of whether or not college athletes should receive compensation, and the discussion has been going on for decades. According to those who are in favor of it, college athletes should receive compensation because they help their colleges make a lot of money (Gardella). Several people also contend that college athletes put in just as much work as professional athletes and should be paid for their efforts. We'll look at a few justifications for paying college athletes in this post. It's critical to recognize that college athletics bring in a

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