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Engineering Challenges In Civil Engineering In The 21st Century (Essay Sample)

the task in this essay was to write a 4 page essay on the challenges faced by civil engineers in the 21st century source..
Name Institution Course Instructor Date Engineering Challenges in Civil Engineering in the 21st Century Civil engineers are facing a myriad of challenges in modern society. They are handling a world’s grandest difficulties, from supplying vitality, to keeping up the earth, to creating the foundation for quickly developing urban environments. Engineers' focus has to be multi-faceted, multi-disciplined and comprehensive to handle these challenges. Engineers convey their discoveries and thoughts additionally gain from different settings and orders so as to comprehend more extensive issues. The capacity of engineers to open up successful correspondence channels is vital because such channels assume a crucial part in affecting positive changes to government policy. The field of engineering is changing quickly as the growing world population puts additional demands on the resources of the earth. Engineering choices must now account for the limitations of materials and energy as well as the need to diminish releases of wastes. The implication of this is that instructors must change courses and educational module so that engineering graduates are ready for the new difficulties as practicing engineers. The 21st century presents a lot of engineering challenges in civil engineering. There is a constant challenge that civil engineers do not receive the appropriate preparation for the real world. As the human population is becoming more crowded, there are associated implications. The result for the ever-increasing numbers is more pollution and consumption. According to Haldar, all natural scales, from local to global, have faced an alteration at a very rapid rate (96). Over the past few years, the engineering practice has had its basis on the paradigm of controlling nature rather than cooperating with it. An issue of equivalent significance is the instruction of engineers keen on tending to issues particular to creating groups. These incorporate water provisioning and cleaning, sanitation, power generation, asylum, site arranging, framework, sustenance creation and dissemination, and correspondence, among numerous others. Such issues are not tended to in the engineering educational module in the United States, notwithstanding. In this manner, the engineers are not instructed to address the needs of the most down and out individuals on the planet, a considerable lot of them living in industrialized nations. This fact is lamentable because an expected 20 percent of the world's population needs clean water, 40 percent needs sufficient sanitation, and 20 percent needs satisfactory lodging (Haldar, 97). A career in civil engineering demands a mix of specialized learning and inventiveness to take care of issues and conveys the obligation to change the surroundings and enhance the lives of a large number of individuals. The real challenge emerges when the field requires the civil engineer to have both technical knowledge and creativity to solve the problems. The have a further extra mile to run in resolving problems facing the world’s large population to enhance sustainability in the environment. Moreover, a professional civil engineer needs an exc3elent team, worker. The team worker will help the engineer put the skills into practice. The engineer will also have to coordinate activities and cooperate with others in other disciplines to move out of specialism (Muir, 101). Civil engineers face a challenge of getting an engineering job and beginning their career. The main problem is a simple lack of knowledge. The reason for this is that many engineering schools do not equip their students with the engineering employment market knowledge that they require. As much as many civil engineers may be applying for jobs online, they hardly know that the companies receive over 300 applications from one advertisement. Finding an engineering work is hectic and may lead to frustrations in the process (Zhu, 54). To counter this trend, they can try visiting and networking component suppliers especially in tough times (Chang, 64). The desire for technically challenging work that draws on intellectual abilities civil engineers acquired from the engineering school proves to be a challenge in the 21st century. Such jobs where the technical challenge is obvious are few. Apparently, they find themselves in the job where they cannot see any technical challenge. As such, they cannot apply the knowledge they acquired from school directly. It becomes monotony and a boring experience not to apply any knowledge they spent years digging for in education (Chang, 69). Getting people to get excited about the right things civil engineers do becomes an unavoidable challenge. Most of the civil engineering challenges are socio-technical. The reason is that several people are preoccupied with things going on in their lives. It is hard to get them excited the things they do, especially if they have to work hard. Engineers who have encountered such problems gave not looked back. What is fascinating is that they relish their intellectual challenges while understanding that it is about people and technical issues. The global environment is shrinking and as such, the engineering work is becoming more challenging, connected and collaborative. According to Haldar, there is a tedious and time-...
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