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Discussion Of The Role Of Women In The Engineering In The Present (Essay Sample)


Discussion Of The Role Of Women In Engineering Present


Women in the Engineering in the Present
The contribution of the women in the field engineering have greatly improved. The number of the women have resulted to diverse field of the modern engineering. The number of the organization has emerged to facilitate equality in the engineering sector.
Recently, it have come to a notice the number of the women involved in the engineering sector are mostly affected by the post-engineering individuals. Research show that the number of the women who take course such as the aeronautical engineering are significantly less when compared to their male counterparts. The main determinant to these differences include the gender difference and the capital required for the programme. Most of the theories established tries to explain the number of women who participate in engineering sector such as the engineering identification. However, female who successfully past the course possess a great chance of reward (Fouad, 76).
Some organization such as the UNSW encourages female student to take the engineering course as their career. The UNSW contribute to inspiring them the importance of female participation in engineering sector. They also support women to apply in engineering courses. UNSW has initiated a programme such cerebration are hold as a result of completing the engineering course. The organization also contribute to the diversification of the program that bring together engineering female students. These programmes includes scholarship and mentoring.
The IEEE encourages young girls to take engineering as their course through academic facilitation. The organization encourages these girls to take these technical course and encourage them that they can achieve excellent. The IEEE facilitates the aspect of changing the world via women contribution.
Introduction of strategies to ensure success of female engineers are stated as follows; the girls are taught the principle of perspiration. This is a condition where the participant acknowledges that it take effort and hard work to fully succeed as an engineer. The person involved in the course need to be dedicated in her work. Dedication enables the individual remain in the track. They are not easily swayed by the opinion of the majority. They remain focused to achieve their goal. Women in the engineering in the present has the aspect of the inspiration. They remain inspired through the course until are through with their education.
Presence of the role model influence the number of the female engineers. This enables them to eliminate the misconception revolving around that engineering course care mostly men courses. Women are described to have minimal ability to solve a technical problem, thus they fear participating in the engineering courses. Therefore, females are exposed to different factor that boost their confidence (Women In Engineering: A Comparative Study Of Barriers Across Nations | Aspiring Minds)
Research show that the capability of the female is equally proportional to that of male. However, it is a challenge to female since they are likely to switch from engineering course and term it as difficult. Through research the following result are obtained. The number of women in engineering remain constant and others has a slight improvement.
Therefore, for various investigation, it is evident that female has a certain concept toward engineering. Through various contribution from the society and the organization, their altitude are change and increased number of the female engineers are obtained. It the role of each individual to encourage female participation in the different countries in order to emulate change.
That said, the under population of women in this sector has been under study for quite some time and it is evident that there are some barriers. However, the barriers vary from country to country. For instance in the case of usa and india. In the united states, the chilly weather greatly affects the female gender where they experience isolation as well as loss of confidence that arises from intimidation. The overall result is that a high number of the females drop out of the course. As for India, there are no weather related dropouts. Instead, the presence of a lower view of capability and preparedness attitude in the country (Brawner, 288).
According to Buse et al.,some reasons such as self-selection as well as lack of individual coaching preparation programme for the preparedness for the female engineering aspirants have a great role in discouraging lad...
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