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A Rose By Emily by Faulkner (Essay Sample)


Research Paper, English
a research paper over A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner
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A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner
This book was initially published on the 30th of April 1920. It uses an unnamed narrator to describe Emily’s relationships with her lover, father and the dark mysteries that Emily has managed to conceal for a long time. The setting of the story occurs in Jefferson, Yoknapatawpha. This is a very critical in most of the author’s fiction. The man themes of the narration are: resentment, bitterness, generation gap, suppressed forbidden love as well as disillusionment.
This narration helps one to better understand the human psyche. Faulkner manages to brush on several issues that are related to the human life’s dark aspects. The author’s position is that it is impossible for one to find absolute good or evil. These are some of the aspects that form part of the human soul. The story reveals to its audience how a spinster is holding onto her lover’s body and refusing to let it go. The narrative tells a story of a murder that was due to possessive love. It also causes compassion and repulsion at the same time by revealing the face of death. The audience is made to understand that she punished her lover by forcing him to have an eternal life by her side.
Emily also had a husband. The story manages to reveal that she was not afraid of death herself. Death had come to an agreement with her based on the principal of life to life. The cost to Emily was her personality and freedom. Faulkner manages to show how death can bring to light various dark human mysteries and secrets that will have the effect of changing indifference to sympathy. ‘A Rose for Emily’ is centered on a woman who has caused death to her lover but still went ahead and stayed by his decaying body for several years to come.
The story has a psychopathological and a horror sub-story that manages to excite its audience. The horror is key for the story. Emily is a conscious person that has freedom to make her own decisions as well a spirit that is independent. She looks at the world around her through the glass lenses tinted by her own personal rules. Impressive aspects of her personality are shown through her conduct. Many of her actions in the narrative are due to decisions of value. The story manages to cement the concept that if a person is resistant to change, the same person must be prepared to live together with death. Therefore, nobody must fully accept or resist change.
The aspect of death is initially described in the story’s first paragraph. This is then mentioned severally with her father’s death, Colonel Sartoris’ death and finally the death of Homer Barron. Barron is a mostly flat character throughout the story. His role in the story is very crucial since he is the one that provides that cadaver that is very critical to the story’s plot. The collective narrator describes him as a Northerner day laborer, a man who is big, dark and ready who laughs constantly and curses "the niggers" ( Faulkner, 42 ). Emily manages to cut a controversial figure. The narrative manages to make the audience create an aura to of elevated meanings around Emily and see her as being very impressive. The narrator also manages to make the audience feel the pressure due to the ...
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