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Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Groups by Richard T. Schaefer (Essay Sample)


Provide an Analysis of 'Racial and Ethnic Groups' by Richard T. Schaefer

Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Groups by Richard T. Schaefer
Racial and Ethnic Groups by Richard T. Schaefer is a book that assists students perceive ethnic and race relations in a social-historical context. By reading the book, students get to understand the past in a way that can help them shape the future. Race and ethnicity is rather complicated in the United States. This nation is very diverse and becoming even more so, with about 17% of the entire population being members of the minority groups. Despite the population’s constitution changing, the issues of discrimination, mistrust and prejudice still remain.
In day to day society, not all ethnic groups are viewed or treated equally. It seems that identifying a minority group in a society is a simple task. In America, the groups identified as minorities, which include African Americans and Native Americans, are outnumbered by non- African Americans and non-Native Americans. A minority group may be defined as a subordinate group whose members do not have as much power or control over their own lives when compared to members of a majority group. Some people may argue that since America is a democracy, the majority rules. All in all, it is worth bearing in mind that the subordination of a minority group is more than just its inability to yield any form of power over society. Members of such a group experiences a constriction of ...
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