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Young men commit most cases of violence (Essay Sample)


Essay 1: Young men commit most cases of violence

Essay 1: Young men commit most cases of violence
The paper supports the topic as it is true that most young men are the key cause of violence in todays society. There are several contemporary causes of young men's violence in the community. Violence among the young men has also had various impacts to the world at large. For example, approximately, 200,000 die annually as a result of violence between themselves of with the society. One of the main reasons explaining why young men are more violent and their counterpart is that women are introverts thus not able to take part if most violence related cases.
Peer pressure is one of the leading causes of violence among the youth. The neighborhood we live in impacts a lot of the life and behaviors of young men as peers act as role models. For example, one of the violence that the young men learn from peer is sexual harassment of their women counterparts. Since the young men are in their peak of their developmental stage, they are interred attracted to the opposite sex whom through the right process they engage, but as a result of poor conformity of behavior most young loose the interest of conforming to the right behaviors hence take the action harassing the opposite sex leading to sexual harassment. This behavior of the young men is the key cause of domestic violence in various households around the world.
Learning and gaining life experience is one of the key attributes that every person has to get in order to get an outstanding future. Today, young men are not ready to learn or gain from the experience from their elders, thus marriage among the young men has been a problem since they are also not ready to share the problems with the experienced members of the society and as a result leads to intimate partner violence.
Lack of employment is another cause of violence among young men in the contemporary society. The participation of both sexes in organizations various countries is coupled with disparities. Cultural norms and beliefs of various countries are known to be the leading causes of labor disparities. For example, young men in Africa are at war against their female counterparts. They consider that young female are not supposed to be considered for specific jobs and careers in the workplace. This has led to occupational violence against women. This concludes that gender inequalities in labor force participation have contributed to occupational violence against women.
Gender discrimination has also contributed to violence among young men. An analysis of gender biases and perception indicates that most men discriminate their female counterparts not because they are unworthy, but because of the perception that exists in our countries respectively. For the political gender divide is one of the arenas depicting gender discrimination in the society. Politically, women are discriminated from careers, skills and abilities to lead others, hence the push and pull between men and women in the contemporary society. This push and pull leads to psychological and emotional violence against women.
There are two stakeholders that are concerned with the issue violence caused by young men. The first is the governm...
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