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Different Settings in the Epic of Gilgamesh (Essay Sample)


What are the different settings in The Epic of Gilgamesh? How do these settings help to create meaning in epic?
Make sure that your essay has a clear thesis and that your body paragraphs support that thesis.
Be sure to use quotations and cite them. Cite quotations from The Iliad, like this: (Homer Book.Lines). Cite quotations from The Epic of Gilgamesh like this: (GilgameshBook.Lines).


The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Epic of Gilgamesh is a historical Mesopotamian epic poem that is considered to be among the world's earliest literary masterpieces. “It originated as a cuneiform collection of Sumerian tales and poetry dating from the early third or late second millennium BCE” (George n.p). They were ultimately put together in a bigger Akkadian poetry. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a fascinating Sumerian epic that focuses on the ancient people's social, political, and spiritual life in their day. “Studying the literature immerses the audience in an engrossing and exhilarating orbit, as it is a work of fiction and legend that confronts some of the most pressing existential concerns that modern readers are still grappling with” (Abusch n.p). Gilgamesh, the main character who possesses both a divine and human body, is influenced and governed by his queer bodily characteristics. The poem incorporates ancient Sumerian beliefs and customs from many places to emphasize various aspects of society, alluding to the Bible.
The epic's primary location is ancient Mesopotamia. The poem takes place mostly in Mesopotamia, which is now known as Iraq. According to experts, “the narrative takes place in ancient times, most likely between 2700 and 600 BC” (Rohrer n.p). The story is set when people believed gods governed the earth and interacted with mortals regularly. This setting draws culture as a striking parallel between the Epic of Gilgamesh and Mesopotamian civilization. This is based on the observation that the settings share several cultural features, including political structure, leadership gender roles, sex, violence, and dispute resolution. The setting of Gilgamesh depicts a variety of difficulties that are prevalent in Mesopotamian society and culture. There are striking parallels between the two narrative settings, from governmental organizations to gender roles in society.
Another setting is the ancient city of Uruk, which at the time was the biggest city in Mesopotamia and was controlled by the tyrant Gilgamesh, “who was semi-divine via his mother, the goddess Ninsun, but mortal nonetheless” (George n.p). He was one of the legendary figures. His lasting success was to reconstruct Uruk's wall on its original foundations, and his military bravery put a stop to the northern city-state of Kish's monopoly of power. In the tale, Uruk is the real setting awarded, and it is also where a majority of Gilgamesh's subjects were dissatisfied with Gilgamesh's unfair reign. In Gilgamesh, Uruk is more than just an important setting. The city depicts Gilgamesh's metamorphosis from cruel to the wise ruler and his citizens' accomplishments, which are also his accomplishments. As a result, it's fitting that the lapis lazuli tablets on which Gilgamesh etched the tale of his adventure are kept not merely in the city but also inside its cornerstone, the first and most important of Uruk's great defenses.
The Gilgamesh tale also includes a setting known as Cedar Forest, which was the home of Humbaba. In Mesopotamian mythology, the Ceder Forest is the beautiful home of the gods. It was originally invaded by the hero Gilgamesh, who ventured to chop down trees from its virgin stands on his pursuit for renown, and was safeguarded by the deity Humbaba. “Gilgamesh and Enkidu enter the gloriously beautiful Cedar Forest and begin to cut down the trees” (Rohrer n.p). This was the place where Enkidu and Gilgamesh traveled to murder people and beasts to gain notoriety. The setting served as a warning of the natural forces that must be subjugated and controlled by a man for him to be free of his surroundings. This process of

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