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Documentation Novella: The Pearl by John Steinbeck (Essay Sample)


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Writing Essay: Documentation Novella: The Pearl by John Steinbeck The essay will need to discuss Kino as the tragic hero, but also include Character, theme and symbols. MLA format 12 - Font


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The Pearl
Kino as a Tragic Hero
Based on the lifestyle that we choose, we have to be happy and strong regardless of all the challenges that we will go through. They say that challenges make you stronger. Every journey has its own portals. And it is during this difficult times that we lean on the loved ones to conquer the difficulties at hand. The characterization of Kino makes a great appeal especially based on its simplicity and character. Regardless of the fact that one may be sophisticated, there is always room for more appeal based on the noble savage. Or the pristine innocence that has been noted from characters especially Kino. The life that Kino lives is based on a soft and simple natural life excluded from the artificial and hypocrisy from the world. For instance, we can see that Kino only takes a simple breakfast that is inclusive of the corn-cake and the pulque in comparison to the doctor whose breakfast is contained of the cocoa and is served in bed with the use of a cup that is china dainty.
Professionally, Kino is seen to be a simple driver of the pearl. With his profession his interaction with nature is often. This has been seen to bring effect to him. For instance, the rough climate at the sea affects him. Economically, Kino is seen to be the least based on the societal rung. This does not affect his character as his dignity is still intact. All his people are despised by the townspeople but still he his in the dark on this. The estranging of his surrounding is only affected when an interruption is brought about by the outside forces. Besides this Kino can be noted to live in a surrounding that is harmonious both physically and socially.
The peace that Kino experiences can be noted especially with the devotion he has to his family. He is all loving and protective of his wife and would even give his life for her, yet, when she crosses him especially when she tries to throw away the pearl, he becomes severe with her. When taking a look at chapter six, his concerns on the safety of both Juana and Coyotito can be noted especially when he is even willing to be captured just to keep them safe. He is willing to do anything possible that he can to see that his son is given all the care that he needs to be back to normal as he was initially.
The tragedy of Kino is built mainly by the love he has to his son. Initially, Kino smashes his first as the doctor when his son is bit by the scorpion just because he felt helpless since he had no money and no connection whatsoever to the doctor. All this was due to the frustration he felt by being helpless. It is only later that he thinks of the merit of the pearl that he wishes to use it to save his son. His life is based on limited materialist things from earth. His wish lies on the better well-being of his family. He thinks on the well-being of his son after a reflection on the pearl as it is the only choice.
Based on the kinship he has with his brother, he follows the village traditions in that strife between him and his brother is not seen. In contradiction to the deeds on Kino, his brother, Juan Tomas spends time hiding from Kino when his brush house is on fire. The destruction of Kino’s canoe is considered as an act by one intruder as the members of the village would not do so since its considered sacred. Kino undergoes all forms of su

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