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Enthusiasm of Frankenstein in Creating a Living Monster (Essay Sample)


Assignment Instructions: Frankenstein Critical Analysis Evaluation Essay Note: Please review the source guidelines below very carefully. If you do not choose from the provided sources below, this will cause a grading delay and you will need to resubmit the assignment. For this assignment, you will write your evaluation essay. You are required to submit only your final draft for this assignment (though we encourage all students to take advantage of the additional feedback a draft can provide). Use the grader’s feedback and the rubric to make revisions to your draft before submitting the final. Your second draft will be graded. Now that you have completed Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, you are in a good position to consider what critics have written about the novel. You will need a total of two critiques (also known as critical analysis essays) for this assignment. First, use the selection of links below to locate a critical analysis essay written about the 1818 version of Mary Shelley's novel. You may focus most of your attention on this first critique. If the author of your critique is not specified, focus on the publication of the critique. Choose from among these sources: Romantic Circle's Critiques


Critical Analysis Evaluation Essay
The first critique of “Frankenstein” is one that was printed on La Belle Assemblee magazine on 17th March, 1818. The author of the critique starts of by reiterating that it is quite a bold fiction which can easily be judged as being impious. Frankenstein is a novel that would perhaps be the greatest source of lessons on the way presumptive works of mankind can be horrible, frightful and vile and could lead to the misery of the creator himself. While the critique seeks to major on the dangers of untamed science, it is also an exemplification of what man should avoid in his pursuit of science.

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