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Foreign Aid (Essay Sample)


Whether foreign aid is a wise investment or a waste of money?


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Foreign Aid
The effectiveness of foreign aid on the target countries hugely depends on the donor and the recipient. Sometimes the relationship is symbiotic although the balance is heavily tilted to favor the donor country. The united States being the biggest donor country in the world by aggregate measures, usually uses its foreign aid as a leverage for other aspects such as Human rights and military purposes making the target of the aid a political game.
The worst part of the aid comes when we speak of the recipient countries. Most of the poor countries have the largest wealth of natural resources but they are havens of corruption, wastefulness, inefficiency and violence. For example, CAR (Central African Republic), one of the largest recipients of foreign direct aid is in the midst of a violent crisis and the country has had just a single elected leader since independence. Apart from that, there are reasonable grounds to believe that foreign aid is ineffective in its intention or the motives behind the aid are not really realistic.
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