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Human Resource: Ceik Investments Company Limited (Essay Sample)


For this project, you are required to select an organization and write a paper covering certain
topics from this class. This paper is due on Friday, May 5th at 11PM but feel free to turn it in
earlier (if you turn it in earlier I will grade it earlier as well).
I will assign you a grade from 0-10. I will assign these scores based off the below requirements
and rubric.
Paper Specifications
• Times New Roman
• 12 point font
• Single spaced, with spacing “Before” and “After” set to “0”. Go to the “Paragraph” tab in
Microsoft Word to check this.
• 2-3 pages
• Include page numbers in the right-hand, lower corner
• Include a header with your First and last name, the course, and your company. See the
header of this document for an example.
• The paper should be well-written, with proper spelling and grammar.
• All references should be included on a separate page following APA formatting and intext
citation (e.g. Smith, 2015) should be used following the use of a source. The
textbook should be used as a reference. The reference page does not count in the 2-3 page
limit of the paper.

Ceik Investments Company limited
Ceik Investment Company limited deals with empowering poor farmers to increase their wealth and food production to feed the increasing growing populations in the developing countries. This company helps enlightening small scale farmers on emerging market trends, creating better marketing channels, and also assessment of credit to help them purchase farm inputs. The company creates awareness to most farmers as they are illiterate and avoid exploitation by middlemen and buyers .Also deals with value addition and exportation of agricultural produce especially fruits and vegetables. This company works hand in hand with the involved countries government to ensure everything runs and works well with the people. The government provides better extension services and knowledge to assist the farmers in addressing the various problems or challenges they may be facing in agriculture. This is done through this company by the government providing extension workers and also investing in the company. Ceik Company is located in Kenya and other countries in Africa whereby it consists of two thousand and five hundred employees and a hundred shareholders from different countries in Africa. Also it has various sub branches in the various countries in Africa. Its headquarters are located in Nairobi, Egypt and Ethiopia. Ceik Company partners with various other companies’ such as the World Bank Group, Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Programme.I am involved in managing, executing and overseeing plans which are compulsory for each and every worker and awareness of its suitable running.
Some of the Ceik’s company policies involve protecting the rights of the employees and also the business interests of the employers and shareholders. Also employees conduct policy which shows the responsibilities of each employee and must observe as per the employment. Other internal policies include how one behaves during work or at the work place. Sets rules example on employees and workers on how they should interact while in the work place. Also polices on assets use that belong to the company. States clearly on when and where both workers and employees can use office computers, phones, stationery, Company’s cars among others. (HR Village, 2011).Ceik’s company involves a lot of agriculture produce. This is because production of various products varies depending on...
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