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Human Resource Management (Essay Sample)


Human resource management

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Human Resource Management
Human resource management (HRM) has become a major business idea in the past few decades. It prominence has increased to a degree whereby companies have adopted as a key business strategy. HRM is the function within a given company, which concentrates on management of, recruitment as well as offering direction to people who work in these organizations. Has become a major strategic tool and it is performed by line managers. A company's human resources department is accountable for creating, implementing and/or supervision of policies governing worker behavior and the behavior of the firm toward its workers. In addition, staffing is the nucleus constituent of HRM. Staffing deals with setting guidelines as well as procedures to show recruiting as well as placement (Kato & Morishima 943).
The Japanese HRM model has frequently been acknowledged as a key factor to the rise of the Japanese economy, chiefly during the 1980s. Nevertheless, the same Japanese HRM which till lately has been much illustrious in the western nations, and presented as a role-model to be learned from , is now more and more perceived as old-fashioned, and necessitating considerable reform. Others, nevertheless, continue to emphasize its intrinsic strengths and warn against noteworthy change. On the other hand, American comprehending of HRM has conventionally been perceived by Japanese managers with cynicism. It is regarded as contradicting in several ways the wide concept of ‘respect for people' and the aim of ‘human resource development' that is embedded into the Japanese management philosophy. In specific, the idea of defining the employees of a corporation as ‘resources' (instead of members of the company ‘family') that require to be managed (instead of ‘developed') runs divergent to the key concepts of traditional Japanese HRM. Nevertheless, in response to the deep crisis of the Japanese economy as well as management replica, which has lasted for more than a decade now, it is clear that some shift toward Western management values is taking place (Storey 5).
Furthermore, thus, mirroring the economic growth patterns, adoption of Japanese HRM values appears in the USA to be mostly an issue of the past, while the subject of adoption of American HRM policies is more present in Japan than ever. The key subject in Japan seems to be to find a new balance between the continuance of traditional (human resource) management principles and changes enthused mainly by Western or more specifically American approaches. Concerning finally the detailed U.S understanding of (human resource) management, it has to be accomplished that this is a theme of no significant weight in Japanese business research, if it is considered at all (Rowley & Keith 23).
With regard to the adoption of elements of the American HRM by Japanese firms, it is prominent that the main amount of items the Japanese managers raise are concerned with the decline of the seniority philosophy: "performance orientation" (by far the most frequently cited feature by the Japanese), "result and objective orientation”, "performance as well as outcome orie...
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