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Ignoring advices: Important Lesson I learnt From a Mistake I Made (Essay Sample)


Important Lesson I learnt From a Mistake I Made


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Important Lesson I learnt From a Mistake I Made
Mistakes are errors made in life either knowingly or unknowingly. In any mistake made in life, there is always a lesson learnt from it.
Ignoring a piece of advice is the main cause of mistakes. I vividly remember when I was joining college my parents advised me how to handle myself not to be so dormant and gloomy. They always told me about students in college whose aim was to pass time and mislead others.
In college, I was so quiet and most of the time I could not fully participate and communicate with my group members in a project in my social studies class when we were learning about the economy. I was left with little or without knowledge about how the economy can be build to better the lives of people because of shyness which could have been easily eliminate never had the courage to freely interact with my fellow students in college in order to attain the maximum knowledge about every project that we involved ourselves in. My poor participation made me to perform averagely unlike other students who performed so well. Truly this was a lesson learnt from my own mistake.
Life Experiences That Will Make Me a Valuable Member of The Queen

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