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“Is there anything I can do about the Injustice of this world?” (Essay Sample)


the task was an argumentative essay about what I can do about the Injustice of this world. The aspects I FOCUS ON INCLUDE ANTI-TRAFFICKING, BUILDING CHILDREN HOMES AND SCHOOLS, ACTIVISM, AND CHALLENGING DISCRIMINATION BASED ON NUMEROUS ASPECTS.


“Is there anything I can do about the Injustice of this world?”
Lately, people have been reminded many times that they live in a broken planet. The hearts are aching from the recent tragedies in Dallas, Minneapolis, and Baton Rouge among other many locations. Compassion is a vital start, though many people are asking themselves, “Is there anything I can do about the Injustice of this world?” There is a dire need for change, though it will only occur when people rediscover the scope, biblical directive for justice and discover how to ‘execute justice’ in the modern world. As the world boundaries become smaller and the belief systems and cultures blend in increasingly changing melting pot of philosophies and ideas, it’s simple to lose view of basic truths. Amidst the great differences, one code remains unswerving: the concrete impact of love in life.
Anti-trafficking is one of the major approaches that can be used to fight injustice. Human trafficking is definitely a reality in the modern world and is a common vice. The level of its reach, however, can be overwhelming making people think of how they can have an effective impact in saving people affected by human trafficking (The Love Justice Team). The plan is to go on the unpleasant and interrupt or prevent innocent lives prior to their enslavement or exploitation. It can be accomplished by setting up border and transit monitoring stations across countries, especially those that are more prevalent. Also, it is vital to hire well-trained employees who will stay alert of any suspicious operation that might hint of any human trafficking.

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