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Lady Audley's Secret. Literature & Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


determining whether Audley’s deserves the punishment she receives


Lady Audley Punishment
During the Victorian era, the issues of mental illness were one of the most significant challenges that the Victoria community members faced. The illness and its symptoms were considered severe one as people imagined that the madness was incurable and inability to comfort to the society. Without certain characteristics for categorizing madness, baseless accusation, however, were the main issues that the victims faced. The victims were negatively subjected in the society. The character Lady Audley by Mary Elizabeth Braddon is one of the examples of a woman subjected to the madness accusations. The state of madness, however, came with the actions that lady Audley did, such as criminal actions and others. Because of her madness crime actions that Lady Audley claimed to have an inheritance from her mother’s madness, she, however, received various punishment from society. In this way, while she had explained her madness status, it has, yet, drawn attention on whether the lady should have been punished or not. This essay will explore the credibility of Lady Audley’s punishment in the context.
As the investigations by Roberts brought him closer to exposing the murder secrets of Lady Audley, she, however, accused Robert. As a strategy to keep the secret and make the audience convinced that Robert was mad, Lady Audley went ahead to convince Sir Michael that his nephew was insane (Braddon p.290). 

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