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Negro Folktales (Essay Sample)


this was a theme discussion and character analysis on the chosen folktales.

Negro Folktales
During the slavery era the Africans suffered most. They were taken from their original homeland to foreign lands where they worked as slaves. They time spent away from home was tough due to hard work they had to cope with throughout. They had passed folktales amongst their generations. These folktales encouraged them to hold on even when the work was too much to bear. As seen in "All God’s chillen had wings" the white man would raise the black whip and all the black men would get back to their working line. They preserved their African culture and heritage since they were in a foreign land. This would be able to feel connected to their motherland and even hoped they will one day fly back there. "God dropped two bundles and despite the nigger outrunning the white man to the bundles, he found a hoe and a shovel while the white man found writing pen and ink" (Hurston, chapter 4). The African American understood their talent as manual work while the white man was an artist.
The folklores employs trickster mostly portrayed by Brer Rabbit. In ole’ massa and john compared to adventure of Brer Rabbit both societies display inequality. There are those who are small have some disabilities while other are big and strong. They focus on how the weak make their way to equines. The tricksters in the stories use tricks to overcome their inequalities and they know they are aware of the manipulation. The tricksters are mostly cunning to achieve what...
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