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Obama care bill (Essay Sample)


highlighting implication on the Obama care bill

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This is a disease of the skeletal system (specifically the bone) characterised by intense inflammation of the joints. The inflammation of the joints lead to an intensely biting pain on the body joints that eventually incapacitates its victim if no remedial activity is pursued. Well, there are several types and forms of this condition attacking several parts of the skeletal structure but the most common type of arthritis is called osteoarthritis (Calin 112). Some of its symptoms include:
* Intense pain in the joints of the victim
* Inflammation concentrated around the joints of the victim
* General body fatigue but most pronounced in the body joints
* Muscle aches and intense pain in the muscles followed by inability to walk
* Malaise and loss of flexibility
Treatment and medication
Options of sanatory of the conditions are varied depending on the type of the arthritis witnessed in the victims. The treatments can either be in terms of physical remedy or management of the condition using therapy (Calin311). These treatments include
* Involving the affected joint in a physical exercise: Physical exercise offers the most reliable and tangible non drug treatment for this condition. Though occupational therapy falls into the category of non drug remedy, there involves tints of management drugs here and there in the process
* Use of painkillers to ease the pains felt in the joints. Specifically, the steroids eases the pains significantly
Herbal treatments
The turmeric, or the Curcuma longa, has been found to be very effective in the management and treatment of this condition. The plant is practically ingested through the mouth either directly or ...
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